In a construction site, a heavy lifter is ideal for …well, all the heavy lifting. You have your tools and material that need to be hauled from one end to the other, and the most convenient way to do that is by using this Double Scissor Lift Cart Table Truck Hydraulic. Otherwise, you will need a few people who can do that for a fee and who will waste a lot of time.

This machine is ideal for professional builders and contractors because there is a slim chance that you will need it for your home activities on a regular basis. If you need to use it at a non-commercial front, it would be more advisable to lease one for the day.

If you own a store and need to move heavy stock items into your warehouse, this monster will come in handy. It also is necessary have one for professional gardeners who need to carry heavy mowers from their trucks to the work grounds. One of this will go a long way, seeing that it is made of heavy material.

Pros of the Double Scissor Lift Cart Table Truck Hydraulic

  • Heavy Duty

It is quite the heavy lifter, managing up to 770lbs. By looking at it, you would not think that it could handle this much weight. It weighs 245 lbs, so it hauls weight double its own. The build is quite compact such that it makes for easy storage. It has quite a number of compartments where you can add various items separately. This machine is made of steel, which tells you that it will last long enough.

  • Push Over

It runs on four easy-rolling casters that manage well on almost all terrains. They do best on an even and relatively smooth floor. Two of those casters have brakes to stop the lift cart when in motion. It has an easy-to-operate hydraulic lift that you can easily manage with one foot to raise the table to your desired height. Its raised height is 51 inches while, when lowered, it is 13 inches. This feature makes it so much easier to load and offload heavy stuff.

  • Priced Well

The initial cost may seem quite high, but considering that this hydraulic lift will last a long time, its value is returned several times over.


The tabletop is flat, meaning you would have to secure your load well to prevent it from falling off along the way. Additionally, it may be a concern for very tall people; they would need to scoot to push it.

Worth it or Not?

The artistry on this product is top of its class. It has a large capacity to carry heavy load in one go. The wheels lock perfectly and brake smoothly, so you hardly cause any accidents. It is double scissor for stability. The hydraulic lift is quite easy to operate using your foot. Is it worth its price? Totally. Buy it and rest your poor back from all the heavy lifting.

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