armstrong-81-110-brass-hammerArmstrong’s 81-110 brass hammer is ideal for driving bushings, bearings, and gears and making small adjustments to your work piece. This product is safe to use near combustible materials because of the non-sparking brass head and surface protector to prevent damage. It’s handle is made of flame treated hickory wood and clear lacquered. The hammer’s striking face is machined flat for even blow distribution.

This brass hammer is proudly made in the USA, and is great quality and well balanced. It comes with a lifetime warrantee. The toughness and durability of this product make it a great little tool to add to your workshop.

It is only 8oz in weight, making it great for smaller projects, but this hammer was not designed for heavy duty jobs.


If you are planning on purchasing this product, keep in mind that while it is great for smaller jobs, it will not hold up very wellagainst big projects.