A good spindle sander is a basic tool that belongs in every home improvement fan’s collection. A spindle sander essentially allows you to smooth off curved edges and cuts. Once upon a time, these devices would need to be mounted on bench tops and worktops but today, they take a much smaller and more portable form factor, in some cases even being handheld.

An oscillating spindle sander meanwhile is a sander that has a tube that moves up and town as it rotates. This is ideal for quickly smoothing off a curved edge or cut and is a good choice if you find yourself making lots of furniture.

And when it comes to choosing an oscillating spindle sander, then the WEN 6510 is a great choice. Let’s take a closer look in our full review…

Product Description: A Surprisingly Powerful Sander in a Tiny Form Factor

The WEN 6510 oscillating spindle sander is a sander that has been designed primarily for portability and ease of use. It is a great choice for smoothing arcs, curves and contors and should play nice with all manner of other unusual shapes.

One of the great things about the WEN 6510 is just how easily you can swap out the plates and drums. This means that you can quickly adapt your unit to suit the task in hand. And because the device is so light, it can be easily moved around.

Despite the light weight and small size, the WEN 6510 is actually a surprisingly powerful sander. It has a 3.5 Amp motor which is capable of 58 oscillations and 2000RPM. It has a very ergonomic grip and is generally comfortable to use as well as being so light.

Pros and Cons: Portable but Plastic

The biggest pro when it comes to the WEN 6510 oscillating spindle sander is just how quick and easy it is to use. In our testing, we found that it was a simple matter to reach for the sander, set it up for the job we were working on and then get to work with it. There are lots of great little design choices that only further enhance this convenience. The packaging can be used to carry the attachments for example, while the onboard storage is also very impressive and allows you to keep all your spindles, washers and sleeves all in one place. A dust port means you can add dust collection as well, which always helps. And the product comes with a generous 2-year warranty!

As for the downsides, you are getting a somewhat affordable and relatively ‘entry level’ sander here. Despite a more-than-capable motor driving the whole thing, this still isn’t going to be winning any ‘most powerful’ prizes and thus a professional might want something a little larger (though of course that will mean sacrificing some portability)…

Another consideration is that this is made largely from plastic. That would seem to suggest that the resilience won’t be as high as some more sturdily-built sanders – but we haven’t had any problems in our tests and the reviews also seem happy with the durability. There’s also a 2 year warranty to help with this.

Oh and one more big positive would have to be the price This is a great bargain!

Conclusion: A Solid Mid-Range Choice for Hobbyistss

Overall, the WEN 6510 oscillating spindle sander is a well-design and surprisingly powerful sander that is incredibly small and light. This is a highly versatile machine that will handle most jobs with ease and that won’t take you too long to set up. You can have it to hand and simply grab it whenever you need it.

The only caveat to all this, is that this is a light and budget machine. It’s not going to be the most powerful choice if you’re looking to tackle huge projects and professionals might want to look elsewhere. But if it’s a budget or mid-range product you’re looking for, then this is a safe choice.

In fact, the WEN 6510 oscillating spindle sander often finds itself topping lists of the best oscillating sanders and there are a ton of good reviews for the product. Overall, this is a trusted name and a great device that you can rely on for an appealing price.