This workbench and scaffold is a 2 in 1 solution that can be used by residential owners and their family, business owners, contractors and the like. Since a scaffold can be used in all kinds of tasks and projects around the home and office like painting large rooms with tall ceilings, this little portable combo is perfect for a number of different reasons. Therefore, anyone in the family can use this equipment including women and children for their do it yourself projects.

Advantages ?

vika-workbenchYou can use this scaffold and bench combo to complete painting jobs, repair light fixtures and many other things that may be high beyond normal reach. Most people who use this product are very pleased because it hold up to 500 hundred pounds. Meaning it can hold the weight of virtually anyone without the fear of the user falling and hurting themselves.

It is also important to note that most consumers like this combination because it can be moved from place or room to another. In addition to moving it around freely, it is easy to store away in a side closet, basement, garage or any other place that fits the size of its dimensions. So, no additional large or tall space must be provided for this extra combination to be put away.

Made to work around both dry and wet environments since it has been designed with a variety of uses in mind. Therefore, this equipment can be used in doors to complete projects and tasks as well as on the outdoors too. It is also a great platform for up high work and it supersedes the use of having a ladder around the home. So, for homeowners who have painting interior and exterior projects that they want to complete with ease, here is a great combination at an affordable price that they can add to their painting job collections.

What are the Downsides?

There are some downsides to choosing this product. One of the most noteworthy is the actual weight of this combination. Because it weighs 43 pounds, some people may have a difficult time transporting it without assistance. Therefore, this is one consideration that everyone may want to consider if they are making this type of purchase.

In conclusion

Overall, this product has received many great reviews. Specifically, because it is a great resource for do it yourself projects that require people to work high up. Made to be used in both dry and wet environments, people can use it where ever and whenever they choose to do so. So, they are not limited to doing work on the inside of a home or facility only. As with any good product, it is important to mention the downsides of using this scaffold and bench combination. One of the more notable is being able to pick up and move 40 pounds from one place to another without strain. While some people may be able to do it with ease, others may need assistance to transport and to store away.