Do you want a completely new look for your kitchen but you do not want to spend a fortune in the process? You can give your kitchen counter top a makeover on a small budget, and still get the incredible look and feel that you want and are hoping for. All it takes are a few simple tools, some inexpensive supplies, and a willingness to put in the time and effort on your part.

This does not look good...

This does not look good…

How do i know? I stumbled upon this amazing DIY Project titled “Kitchen Makeover” by 2bnamedlater. This is a step-by-step guide on nhow to accomplish the same!

What Tools & Supplies do i need?

You will need some basic supplies and equipment, and these should be gathered before you start. The lists below include everything required in order to get fantastic results and a great new look for this room.


  • Chisel
  • Heat gun
  • Belt sander
  • Sandpaper with a fine grain
  • Natural sea sponge pieces
  • Dense foam paint roller


    • Oil based primer, white or with a light color tint
    • Tan acrylic craft paint
    • Copper acrylic craft paint
    • Gold acrylic craft paint
    • Burnt Umber acrylic craft paint
    • Clear acrylic varnish

With these items you can turn your kitchen counters from drab or stained into the focal point of the room, adding color and warmth to any counter. The exact amount of the supplies that you will need will depend on the actual area of counter top that you plan on renovating.

Step 1: Shedding old Skin

The very first step is to clear off the counter tops and to remove any old materials used to finish them. This step may be easy or difficult, and you may find that some areas are much easier to remove than others. Start at the edges of the item and work in towards the wall. The type of adhesive that was used to place the top on will play a role in how easy it will come back off.

A heatgun comes in handy...

A heatgun comes in handy…

You may find that some spots are loose and they pry up easily by sliding the chisel underneath an entire section. In other situations you may have to use the chisel and slowly dig in and lift just to remove a smaller section that may only be an inch or two.

If you run into sections that are stubborn and resist being pried up then a heat gun can be very beneficial. Plug in the tool and then direct the flow of heat to the section that you are working on. Wait a few minutes and then try to pry up the old top once more. The heat will soften and partially melt the adhesive again so that the top material can be easily lifted and taken off.

Step 2: Sand it down,baby!

Once you have the entire counter top removed you will need to sand down the material underneath. This may be particle board, plywood, or a combination of both materials. This step smooths any roughness and also removes any leftover adhesive that held the old counter top on. Next use a dense foam roller to apply the first coat of oil based primer and let this dry completely. Sand lightly, and then apply a second coat of the primer.

This looks good "as is" but we want to be a bit more creative :)

This looks good “as is” but we want to be a bit more creative 🙂

Either a white primer or one that has a colored tint can be used, depending on what you are looking for with the finished project. After the primer has been fully applied it is time to start the design process.

Step 3: Be an Artist!

Take a piece of the natural sea sponge and use it as a stamp, dipping it into the tan acrylic craft paint and then lightly dabbing the white top of the counter. Space the prints close together and remember that it does not have to be perfectly even all the way across. Let the prints dry completely, and this may take from one hour to several hours depending on the paint that is used.

Once the tan prints are dry you will repeat the process using a new piece of sponge and the copper acrylic paint this time. These prints should be spaced further apart and they should appear to be randomly applied. Now this second layer needs to dry before the next step can be started.


This is how you layer properly :)

This is how you layer properly 🙂

The third layer of printing will use a new sponge piece and the gold acrylic craft paint, and this should be applied less liberally than the tan layer. It adds accents and helps set off the previous colors that were applied. After adding the gold stamps at intervals this paint needs to be allowed to dry thoroughly before the final color is applied.

The final color is Burnt Umber, and this is also applied using a clean section of the sea sponge. Print the counter top evenly, and look for areas where this color is missing when you are done to ensure that there are no gaps. Once you are satisfied with the finished look and the color distribution it is time to let everything dry completely for a few hours.

Step 4: The final Varnish

The final steps in a counter top that is unique and extremely attractive is adding the layers of varnish. A dense foam roller is the best tool to use, paying close attention to avoid air bubbles whenever possible. A foam brush can also be used but this can leave marks that are visible. Apply a layer of the protective varnish, allow it to dry, and then lightly sand the surface. Repeat five more times, so that a total of 6 coats of varnish are used.

This is how the new countertop looks like - pretty amazing!

This is how the new countertop looks like – pretty amazing!

Be sure to allow enough time for each coat to dry otherwise there could be bubbles or other defects that may occur. You will end up with a gorgeous counter top that everyone will comment on, and it will help make your kitchen more appealing and attractive. Since this is the room where most families spend a lot of time shouldn’t it be a warm and inviting area that you love?


For around $40-$50 and a few hours of your time you can create a customized counter top that reflects your tastes and makes your kitchen one of the favorite rooms in the home. This DIY project does not have to be expensive or time consuming, and the final result is one that you will be amazed with.

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