The BOSTITCH RN46-1 roofing nailer is a nailer that, as the name suggests, is intended specifically for use on roofing. If you’re going to find yourself on your hands and news driving nails into your roofing, then you want to make sure you have a trusty and reliable tool up there to help you. Apart from anything else, you really want to minimize the number of times you end up going up and down that ladder!

And if it’s a reliable roofing nailer you’re looking for, then this product should be more than up to snuff. We spent a few weeks with it to give it a proper run and we found that it was highly reliable, very powerful and had a number of smart features to make it that much more convenient. Let’s take a closer look in this full review….

Product Description: Reliable, Sturdy and Well Designed

The title says it all really: the BOSTITCH RN46-1 roofing nailer is a reliable tool that is sturdy and has a number of useful design features.

To look at, this is a nicely put together nailer with a yellow and black chassis and a rubber handle to grip. It is a pneumatic nailer, so of course it needs to be attached to a compressor. If you don’t have one of those already, then that’s going to slightly increase the price so that’s worth considering for those new to nailers. Pros are already going to have one of these though and they’re a good investment seeing as they’ll be useful for a range of pneumatic tools.

The device is light enough at just 5.8 pounds, which is an important consideration when you’re using it for extended periods. And it is also very powerful and reliable. Capable of up to 410 in/lbs of force at 100psi, this should have no problem with most roofs or nails. It is also capable of driving up to 100 nails, although an interchangeable trigger will allow you to change firing modes if you don’t want to fire too many at once!

The magazine is also relatively high capacity for a roofing nailer and can hold 120 coil nails at once. The magazine is also ‘quick load’ so it should be easy to change when you do need a top up.

Pros and Cons: Lots of Pros for Pros

When it comes to the pros and cons, the BOSTITCH RN46-1 roofing nailer is mostly pros. BOSTISCH make great nailers and this is no different.

While you can get lots of specs from the manufacturers, what they won’t tell you is what it is really like to use in a real-world setting. That’s why we tested the device to find that out for you!

And we’re happy to report that the BOSTITCH RN46-1 roofing nailer is a powerful and accurate tool that will reliably drive nails home with no problems. In our time with it we didn’t experience any jams or misfires and it’s something that all the reviews on Amazon seem to agree with.

We’re also happy to say that the device is great to use. It fits very comfortably in the hand and is light enough to use for a long time without growing tired.

So, what of the downsides? There are always downsides… In this case though, they’re really not so bad. Everything it claims to do, it does well and you’ll be able to rely on this nailer to keep on nailing without error. Of course, you might be able to get more power, a bigger magazine or fancy extra features for more money but that is about it. It’s also worth noting that this is a roofing nailer and whether you want something specific or more general is another point to consider.

Other than that – nailed it!

Conclusion: Perfect for Roofing

In short, this is a really, really good nailer from a company that makes really, really good nailers. It does everything should and is powerful, reliable and well designed. There are more powerful nail guns out there and there are bigger magazines – but for the price this gives you everything you could need and top notch performance.