The best power drill for homeowners? DEWALT DC970K-2 Review!

If you want to buy the best power drill to help you with your everyday jobs, you need not look further than the 18-volt Drill/Driver Kit by Dewalt. The model DC970K-2 is an affordable, lightweight and versatile drill that will give you easy access and entry into tight places while packing a powerful punch, making it a perfect addition to the tool arsenal of any homeowner, DIY guy or handymen. Always having been synonymous with high-quality and durable tools powerful enough to tackle a variety of workloads, Dewalt’s 18-volt drill continues to deliver the company’s promise of performance and reliability. Whether you are mounting a new television in the family room, building a new shed in the backyard, or require everyday use at the jobsite, the DC970K-2 is a complete package you will rely on for years and keep you wanting more from the Dewalt line of tools. Welcome to this Review!


The 18-volt Dewalt Drill/Driver kit comes with everything you need to get started drilling on your home or work projects. The kit, which won’t break your bank at a price range of around $100-150, comes loaded with the cordless ½ compact drill/driver, two 18-volt NI-cad batteries and a one-hour charging outlet all packed in a heavy-duty, portable carrying case. It has everything you need right out of the box to charge up and start drilling and driving away on your next repair or build. Some features of the DC970K-2 include:

  • 1/2-inch single-sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck
  • high performance motor with 380-unit watts output
  • dual speed range of 0-450 / 0-1500 rpm
  • lightweight design at 5.2 pounds
  • compact size and portable carrying case

Why the 18-volt Dewalt?

You’re going to love the Dewalt Drill/Driver kit for it’s easy of use, comfort, maneuverability and lasting powerful performance. The power tool’s relatively small, lightweight and comfortable design allow users of all abilities and needs to reach their target area and deliver seamless drives into anything from soft plywood to solid concrete. Maybe you are planning on installing new wood floors in your dining room, building new shelving for your office, or mounting heavy equipment to your cement patio, Dewalt’s 18-volt will help you get the job done.

Order Online!

Order Online!

The inclusion of two NI-cad batteries that charge exceptionally fast with the included plug-in port, prevent you from missing a step when your battery gets low. Just pop the first one out, stick it back on the charger so its ready to use next time, push the freshly charged alternate into the drill base, and within seconds you’re back to work. But you need to be putting your driver through some serious stress to have to change your battery, with a single charge lasting for days and projects on end.

If you’re like most hobbyists or carpenters, you’re likely used to knocking your tools off the workbench or watching them slide off a roof from time to time. With the Dewalt 18-volt drill/driver, you won’t have to worry about looking down to see the busted contents of a power drill at your feet, leaving you stranded in the middle of your work. The heavy-duty casing of the drill and its overall sturdy design will put up with the abuse and wear you throw at it, keep out debris, resist the elements and be ready to be put to the test project after project. Both the NI-cad batteries and heavy-duty mechanics allow you to keep drilling even in cold, wet weather without slowing you down.

Disadvantages: Does it miss a screw?

For the most part, the Dewalt DC970K-2 is going to be a power tool you can rely on for everyday projects and jobs. There have been a few comparisons made between the uses of NI-cad batteries vs. their lithium ion competitors with arguments that the 18-volt kit should have used the latter. This is based on the belief that if not used on a consistent, daily basis, NI-cad batteries shed their life faster than lithium ions. For contractors and builders needing a drill to perform day in and day out, the NI-cads shouldn’t present any setbacks and you can count on the 18-volt Dewalt for daily work. This may worry the average DIY handymen or household owners who require the use of power tools on a less regular basis, but given proper storage, maintenance and care for your Dewalt drill and batteries, you should encounter few issues and trust that your product is going to perform when you need it. There are plenty of people advocating the use of NI-cads for a variety of products, and with two 18-volt batteries included with the DC970K-2 kit, you will have ample power output at your disposal to hang that television or install that flooring.

Other complaints have arisen regarding the drill’s lack of torque and power. There are always going to be more powerful and capable tools put on the market, but they come at a significant price increase and are often compromised with bulkiness and discomfort of use. If you are working with extremely tough materials and changing drill-bit types on a daily basis, perhaps you might want to consider the purchase of an upgraded model. But if you want a well built, fully functional power drill/driver to use at home or on random projects, the DC970K-2 is a very suitable addition to any home’s garage or tool shed. You know, some people just want it all for nothing. I hate this attitude, it’s a sign of a weak character. You just need to know what you DON’T NEED and what you really WANT ..and then – go for it!

Add it to your tool lineup now!

Dewalt has many competitors offering dozens of models of power drills that likely have loyal consumers and users whom attest to their performance. But, Dewalt is unmatched in positive user feedback about their products, and the 18-volt drill/driver is no exception to the rule. If you are anything like the average homeowner who every year finds himself needing to do household repairs or you are hobbyist with a penchant for building, you want to have a simple set of tools that aren’t over complicated or expensive. For under $150 at many retailers, Dewalt delivers a quality product that will fit perfectly into your toolset and help make your household projects or hobbies easier and more fun. There just seems to be something about pulling the trigger and hearing the whir of a power tool that is satisfying to the human senses, and knowing that feeling and sound will also drill holes and drive screws with ease will make your purchase all the more satisfying.

Inexpensive but not cheap (!), sturdy, long-lasting and job tested, the Dewalt DC970K-2 18-volt Drill/Driver kit is sure to be a go-to selection in your household tool collection. Though its warranty is much shorter than some of Dewalt’s other products at a 90 day money back guarantee, its likely you will be hard pressed to find a reason to want to return this useful tool. If you have a project that has been delayed for months because its just too much effort to get the work done, do yourself a favor and buy a product that will leave you feeling empowered and satisfied. Who would have thought that 180-volts and 5 lbs of screw-drilling machinery could make you feel so good, get your spouse of your back, and leave your home looking better than ever?

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