The Poulan Pro gas powered chainsaw offers a combination of features and functionality that could make your next cutting job easier. If you aren’t familiar with this brand, you may know their parent company: Husqvarna. The original Poulan was founded in 1912 as an independent American chainsaw manufacturer.
There’s some tight competition in the chainsaw market today, which means that Poulan’s PP5020AV is going to have to produce some serious results to grab the attention of consumers who have fallen in love with hugely popular brands like Black and Decker. As a company with decades of experience in designing and building chainsaws, Poulan should be prepared to exceed expectations with its Pro line. Continue with the review …

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Poulan Pro PP5020AV Features

The PP5020AV is equipped with a 50 cc, two cycle DuraLife engine which is intended to outlast other chainsaw brands.
A Super Clean air filter system is installed as well to keep the unit operating at optimum levels, even with woodchips and other debris flying. Cleaner air inside the unit will also contribute to a prolonged lifespan. You know, when things get messy, you don’t want to worry about your machine. All you want to do is finish your job!

  • The clutch includes a professional style cover.
  • Tool-less access to the air filter and spark plug compartment makes it easier to maintain the unit with minimal hassle. Stop spending hours over hours fiddling with your chainsaw to get it working again. Instead, spend your precious time with your family. Perhaps giving them a quick demonstration of your lumberjack skills using your new Poulan Pro ?

But let’s get back to the review: Do you think that a ergonomic design is important? I’ve heard guys talking about how they can handle “any chainsaw”. That might be true. But do you really want a sore arm? I’d rather stay healthy and use my energy to play ball with my son! Poulan has lowered vibrations felt by the user with its convenient handle design. This greatly reduces the strain on your body and efectively prevents fatique! Furthermore, an Effortless Pull Starting (EPS) system reduces the likeliness of a failed startup. It’s great to be able to get crackin’ in an instant, while other boys are still pulling …and pulling…and…pulling. I pitty them! Random fact: An on board wrench holder is attached to the rear handle.

What about safety?

Safety is always a concern when operating a chainsaw. Poulan has included a double post chain brake that decreases the chances of accidental injury. Perhaps you’Ve seen the nasty pictures of chainsaw accidents on the Internet. “But that won’t happen to me!”. Well, I wouldn’t be my money on it. Not because I think you are stupid of can’t handle a chainsaw but because accidents can an will always happen. I’d rather not take my chances.

  • A 20 inch bar can be used with this model.
  • Each PP50230AV is equipped with an automatic chain oiler and comes with a carrying case.

Every new unit purchased is packaged with a warranty. Those that are utilized for rental purposes are covered for 30 days while units that are intended for commercial or professional jobs have a 60 day window of coverage. A two year warranty is included for chainsaws that are purchased for household use only. Each warranty includes parts and labor costs incurred by a defective product.

I think that is really fair if you consider the fact that rental chainsaws get a ton of milage really quickly!

Sliding through wood like a knife through butter!

Why Should You Buy the Poulan Pro PP5020AV?

One of the most frequently overlooked benefits of using a Poulan Pro is its engine efficiency. The unit is made with parts from the Husqvarna family of chainsaws, which are renowned for their reliability and eco-friendly designs. That means fewer emissions are produced and the unit requires less fuel to operate which can save you money in the long term. Man up and be responsible: We need to save this planet for our children and their children. If you are buying a new chainsaw, it’s pretty stupid not to look into things like energy efficiency. It doesn’t hurt you one bit! But what else? Fans of Husqvarna’s products also noted that the company’s logo appeared on some of their chainsaw’s parts, ensuring that the unit was coming from a quality manufacturer with a well-tested reputation.This is pretty amazin because this way, you can save quite some coin. I’m not saying that this little baby is as good as higher level Husqvarna saws, but you only have so much cash, right ?

Power is another strongpoint for the PP5020AV. The unit is known to rip through large logs and tree trunks with minimal effort. Consumers who previously preferred other brands found that once they tried this Poulan Pro model, they were sold. Even those who had no prior chainsaw experience were pleased with the convenience and capabilities of this unit. The magic of gas powered chainsaws – they’re simply the best when it comes to PERFORMANCE.

Startup is a cinch with the gas powered Poulan Pro. The unit offers full and half choke settings for cold and warm starts respectively. Both work smoothly and allow for an easy start. Even if flooding occurs, the chainsaw will recover quickly so less time is wasted preparing to work. This chainsaw is nearly unstoppable with tremendous power that can tear through very large obstacles with minimal drag.

Drawbacks of the Poulan Pro PP5020AV

There is a lot to love about the Poulan Pro PP5020AV, but that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect chainsaw for everyone. The unit is heavier than some, weighing approximately 15 pounds. That may not matter on the ground with neatly arranged timber but lighter duty projects may be hindered. Do you have muscles? Some found that the unit was cumbersome to maneuver when trimming slender branches and handling other minor jobs. It doesn’t hurt to purchase a lightweight backup chainsaw so you have options based on the needs of the task.

Proper fuel mixture is another potential pitfall for a new chainsaw user. The proper proportions must be used to ensure optimum operation levels. In some cases consumers were advised by Poulan customer support that carburetor adjustments were required. Seasoned customers also noted that their newly purchased chainsaws often required minor fine tuning, but once everything was setup the unit would run perfectly.

Is the Poulan Pro Gas Powered Chainsaw Ready for Your Hardest Jobs?

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is an attractive power tool that comes with some perks and a few drawbacks. The features list is appealing, especially when consumers discover that it falls under the umbrella of Husqvarna without the same price as some of the company’s more expensive models. The engine is designed to last while producing less emissions so you can work greener whether you are at home or on the job. The inexperienced chainsaw user should be wary when trying out this model for the first time. It is more advanced than most and could wind up problematic if you don’t know what you are doing. Fine tuning may be required to achieve desired results, although this is not common as long as the instructions included are followed. The chainsaw is quite powerful and can handle very large jobs which may be overkill for small household cutting tasks. The Poulan Pro gas powered chainsaw provides immense power in a tool that can last for years. It’s low price point makes it he best chainsaw a small budget can buy.


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