An air belt sander is a tool every carpenter would love to have because it turns the job of sanding woodwork that would take hours, into a quick and easy job. But not only carpenters appreciate and love this tool, even metal workers find it a very valuable tool when they need to smooth edges or remove welding. It actually is a very good substitute for a metal grinder when you are doing metal work, especially on soft metal. There is a wide range of uses for belt sanders that you even find mechanics using them to smoothen edges of parts they have welded onto vehicles. Generally, for any job that requires smooth edges on metal or wood, a belt sander is the perfect tool for that so even you every day do it yourself guy would love to have one. There is, however, one caution that has to be given over and over again to first-time users of this power tool. Air belt sanders are very powerful tools and if you are not careful as you use it, it can destroy a surface as quickly as it can perfect it.

Some of the advantages of using an air belt sander include:

  • They are fast and effective, within a short time you can smoothen a surface much better than you would if you were doing it manually
  • Once you have the hang of it, you realize how easy it is to use with minimal effort put into getting the job done well
  • They are very handy you can use them in tight spaces thanks to the long and slim lever .
  • They are light weight so you do not have to be very strong to use them


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Makita 9032 VS Astro 3037

When you need to make a choice between 2 air belt sanders, you need to take into consideration certain aspects and these are:

  • Ease of use
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Extra features
  • Effectiveness
  • Durability

Let us compare these 2 highly recommended air belt sanders along these 5 categories and see which one would be the best choice for you. It can be a very difficult choice to make considering that the Makita 9032 comes highly recommended by experts while the Astro 3037 is a best seller which makes them both attractive but since you can only go home with one, here is how they perform when put head to head in the battle for the best air belt sander.

Ease of Use

When you consider ease of use for these 2 handy tools, the Makita9032 comes up on top especially when you are trying to reach tight spaces. The Makita is more easily adjusted to different angles while the Astro 3037 seems more rigid. You are constrained to using the tip of the sander as the best part to use while the Makita gives you much more movement. It even comes with a more detailed use manual so if you needed to know how a particular feature works, you would have no problem when using the Makita 9032. In this case, the Makita 9037 is the better choice on different surfaces.


In terms of weight, the Astro 3037 is much lighter than the Makita. They, however, would both be described as light only that the Astro is the lighter of the 2. For a person who may want a lighter tool than the Astro 3037 would be the better choice. The heavier tool would require that you are more careful as you use it because extra pressure to the sander and you may create a depression you did not intend to have on the surface.


Price can be a very big deciding factor and the Astro 3037 is one of the cheaper air belt sanders as it goes for under 100 dollars on Amazon while the Makita 9037 is one of the more expensive ranges. Obviously, it is not pricey for no reason which is why is recommended more by the experts but you need to be able to pay over 200 dollars to own one. For people who believe good things must be expensive, it would be no problem paying for this sander while for those who just want a quick fix, the Astro 3037 would do quite fine.

Extra Features

The features of any machine tend to define it a lot. The Makita 9037 has an edge over the Astro air belt sander especially because of its speed control. It is a wonder why Astro did not think of providing such a feature for their sander. With the Makita, you can adjust the speed of the belt according to the surface you are working on, this is one of the reasons why the Makita is very easy to use, it even makes up for the fact that it is heavier than the Astro. It has 3-speed choices so depending on the surface and the nature of sanding being done, you can choose the most appropriate setting. There is also the fact that the 9037 is much easier to adjust in different angles depending on the job that you are doing.


While they both have a 1-year warranty, the Makita has a longer life span than the Astro and it even can be seen while they are still both working at optimal capability. The Astro tends to eat up belts very fast as you use it and you have to replace them quite often, this actually may be the reason it is cheaper because you end up spending a lot on replacing the belts. It is only natural that if you will spend over 200 dollars on an air belt sander, it should last longer than one that cost 90 dollars or slightly more than that.


With more features and better use of the belts, the Makita 9037 is truly more effective, it can be used on many more surfaces that the Astro. The Astro is better used on wood and soft metal otherwise, you will spend a fortune on the belts.


So the jury is back and the verdict is that the Makita 9037 is a better option than the Astro 3037. We are not saying that the 3037 is not a good air belt sander, it is just that the Makita is better but you need to be ready to pay more to have it. One of the reasons the Astro is a best seller is the price so if money is not a problem, then buying a Makita 9037 would be a better idea.

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