The Hopkins 90164 is perfect for residential owners and their family members, business owners and their representatives and contractors who perform jobs for the customers and clients that they work with on a regular basis. Therefore, people can pick and choose the projects and tasks that they need done.

What makes this product a good choice?

Though one of the primary reasons for making this purchase usually involve its flexibility, some people may purchase this workbench and shelving system for their specific needs. Just to name a few, here are some of the top reasons for this product being an excellent choice.


  • One stop shop solution that allows the individual to store all of the tools that they are going to use in one centralized place. Also, provides the user with a place to work on the different projects without having to move around to other work areas.
  • Easy to assemble so it has a basic design that is also customizable to the individual and the project that the person is tackling. Therefore, it does not take a lot of extra time to get everything together before it can be used properly. With pre-cut wood, some people say that they have built this workbench system within a span of about 30 minutes.- Comes with both hangers and clamps- Great buy for the price.
  • Children can use this product, and it has been given as a gift to those who are 10 and older. Meaning these children can get started with all kinds of different odd jobs around the home at an early age.

  • Can be used for personal hobbies or projects that can yield quite a bit of money. For instance, some people have used this workbench as a bike shop. Some people use this bench for their wood working project so it is very versatile based on the individual.

  • Can be broken down and rebuilt again based on the project that the person is performing. All the person has to do is to make sure that they are changing out the lumber sizes when they have a need to switch out projects in the home or office.

Are there any downsides to choosing this product?

One of the downsides to making this purchase is the lumber is not included. So, the buyer will need to pay additional money to buy the lumber for the shelves before it can be assembled. Some people are also saying the screws are not of the highest quality materials so they may need to be replaced with better quality.
Also, if you need to buy a really portable system, this is not for you. Click here to discover the best portable workbench.


…this is a great buy for people who need a workbench and shelf combination in their home. It is an excellent buy for the price since it is versatile enough to customize to a specific type of project. People are also enjoying this kind of work bench for their do it yourself projects around the home and in some cases, it has been given as a gift to small boys. One particular downside, however, is the additional money that has to be spent to buy the lumber for the shelves.