For some reason, you decide to measure the thickness of a ball bearing. What do you use – a ruler? Compass?

No, a micrometer. Micrometers have been around since the seventeenth century when William Gascoigne invented the micrometer screw. Over the years, as technology has improved, these measuring tools have increased in precision; Like the Starrett T44.1XRL-1 Outside Micrometer with its 0.0001-inch accuracy.

So I am going to give you a quick but informative analysis of the Starrett T444.1XRL-1.

A brief description of the product

The T444.1XRL-1 Outside Micrometer is easy to use, easy to read, and like most outside micrometers has an accuracy reading of 0.0001 inches. This micrometer, which uses a Vernier Scale, is popular with both machinists and hobbyists.

Outside micrometers are used to get precise measurements of the outside dimensions of small objects. Professionals in engineering and machining prefer them to the caliper because they guarantee greater precision.

Key features and benefits (pros)

Rust resistant

The Starrett T444.1XRL-1 comes with a satin chrome finish. In addition to giving the tool a minimalist elegance (satin chrome has its origins in the Bauhaus style movement), it keeps it safe from the corrosive effects of water.

No glare

Imagine trying to make a reading of an object’s measurements when the noon-day sun is at full strength. Shiny surfaces promptly direct the sun’s rays into your eyes, half-blinding you. A second advantage of the satin chrome finish is that it reduces the reflection-potential of the micrometer’s surface, and in that way enhances readability and comfort.

Easy handling and better readability

It has a balanced frame and thimble design that improves ease of handling and readability. If you have never used a micrometer, the frame is the part you hold in your palm as you use the dominant/active hand to spin the ratchet counter. And the thimble is the calibrated part, where you read your measurements. When the two parts are well-balanced, you have an easier time using the tool.

High measurement precision

The Starrett T444.1XRL-1 Outside Micrometer uses a vernier scale. Most average micrometers can read to one thousandth (0.0001) of an inch. But vernier micrometers have a precision of up to ten-thousandth of an inch. It goes without saying this micrometer has a high level of accuracy.

Other neat features

Its spindle and anvil have flat measuring faces and are carbide-tipped for wear resistance.

It has a spindle lock, which helps ensure secure locking of the measurement.


The main disadvantage of the T444.1XRL-1 (along with most micrometers) is that it measures a limited range of lengths. For larger objects, the caliper would be a better choice (you would need a six-piece set of micrometers to cover as much range as a six-inch caliper).

Final thoughts

So is the Starrett T444.1XRL-1 Outside Micrometer the best product of its kind in the market? No. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy it? No. Because while it’s not perfect, this tool manages to provide what it promises. It’s a solid piece, has accurate reading, is durable, and easy to use. Good value for your money.

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