The Spectra LL100N-2 Precision Laser Level is a complete leveling crew built into a compact case. This means you can easily carry it with you and ensure that everything is level and even wherever you are. It’s excellent for being used on job sites and boasts the excellent quality and accuracy that Spectra is known for.

Product Description: An All in One Leveling Solution

This case includes the laser (of course), the tripod, receiver and clamp, grade rod and alkaline batteries and all of it comes in a nice hard shell in bright yellow for easy visibility. It’s simply a smartly put together package that should be quick and easy to use and that will definitely provide the accuracy you need.

In fact, operation is as simple as a single button press. It also has other time-saving features, seeing as it has a particularly long battery life.

The whole package looks very practical and built to last and indeed it is. Spectra claims that the package can survive a 5 foot drop without damage and if the tripod tips over, then it won’t cause any damage. Tip: if the tripod tips over, then it ‘aint level!

Of course, the tripod is only one way to use the level, while the other is to use the wall mount to attach it at the desired elevation. The device will detect whether it is being used horizontally and will then adapt appropriately.

The Spectra LL100N-2 Precision Laser Level will use a 360 degree plane of laser light to cover entire work areas and can take measurements up to 500 feet.

There’s no mention of the precise accuracy but the reviews and the Spectra brand should mean you can buy in confidence without having to worry about any imperfections.

Pros and Cons: Leveling the Playing Field

Many of the pros of this product revolve around its form factor and easy use. Having everything in one case is an excellent advantage and it means that you simply need to grab it by the handle and bring it with you to the worksite or wherever else you might need a level. That case also adds to the resilience, as does the excellent durability of the equipment provided. This is another big plus and when combined with the impressive 3 year warranty, it should last long enough to get more than your money’s worth.

Of course, just how useful this is for you is going to depend on your intended usage. If you’re into home improvements, then you might not need the bright yellow hard case or impressive shock resistance and that means you might be able to get the same thing elsewhere for less money.

The other advantage of the Spectra LL100N-2 Precision Laser Level is just how quick and easy it is to use. In our tests, the one button operation really was a big boon and helped us get accurate measurements quickly. All other readings are on the receiver with an image, which makes everything clear and means you aren’t left guessing when it comes to the sensitivity. The product isn’t over-engineered and that’s a real selling point.

The only potential concern is the receiver window which can be a little tricky to see through. Not a huge deal but something to consider.

Conclusions: A Solid Purchase

The Spectra LL100N-2 Precision Laser Level is a solid purchase both literally and figuratively. With incredible durability and the additional hard case, this is a level that will stand the test of time and that is well suited to more active workplaces. Then again, this might be overkill if you’re just a hobbyist, so you don’t necessarily need to fork out extra in that case.

What you may not realize, is that Spectra is actually the biggest manufacturer of levels in the world. This tells you that they know what they’re doing and means you can assured that you’re getting some serious accuracy and performance from a company that does this all day long. Definitely a good purchase and one that you can rely on – just decide first whether you really need all of the design features that you’re paying for with this one!