Skil is one of the best known and respected OEMs around when it comes to power tools and the SKIL 7492-02 sander continues the company’s great record. The SKIL 7492-02 is a sander that should be more than up to the majority of tasks that the average hobbyist is likely to throw at it and that boasts great build quality, a decent feature set and a smart all-round design.

A Well-Made Hobbyist Level Sander

This is a corded sander, meaning of course that you will need to think about the location of power outlets and the practicality of having a wire across your floor. But at the same time, it also means you can get 2.8 Amps without packing a huge battery, or having to worry about charge. This is also definitely a mid-grade sander that is aimed more at hobbyists than professionals. It is very affordable and the power output does reflect that.

The performance you’ll get from this sander comes from a 2.8 Amp motor and there is also a vacuum dust port built-in with Clear Filtration Dust Canister. This will collect dust as you sand, helping you to prevent clouds of sawdust billowing up into the air and getting into your lungs. It also means less to clean up afterward.

When we tested the SKIL 7492-02, we found that it did indeed do a great job of keeping the workspace and area around it clean and that added to the convenient feel you get from the device. We also liked the weight and the general feel of the device: at 4 pounds and just 5 inches, you can easily carry this with you and it won’t add too much bulk or weight to your kitbag.

Pros and Cons: Great Convenience, Average Performance

The big pro of this device is the convenience, the weight and the excellent dust collection system. Coupled with an entry-level price, this makes for an all-round excellent experience. Forget hauling a massive tool around with you and having to make sure your spare battery is packed: this is a lightweight device that you can plug in anywhere and that will be ready to go. And that dust collection system really is very effective, meaning that you won’t need to spend ages cleaning up afterward.

Adding to all this is the fantastic ergonomic design. Not only is the unit very lightweight, it also fits well in the hand in our testing and is great to use for long periods. The relatively low power output also means that you don’t get nasty red marks or numb fingers! The sanding pads attach easily using Velcro and can be removed easily too. The Pressure Control Technology is also a nice feature that provides extra sensitivity while you’re sanding and lets you be more precise with your craft.

BUT at the same time, this is a device that is aimed more at hobbyists or those who need the occasional job done around the hoes. The relatively low power output at just 2.8 Amps, really isn’t on par with other sanders from the likes of Bosch. It also may feel a little budget to some in the hand. What’s good news is that the product comes with a regular manufacturer’s warranty, so you won’t need to worry if it does give out.


It’s all about what you want from your sander. If you want something well designed and made from a reputable company, this will do the trick just nicely. When we were reviewing the product, we found that it was a real joy to use thanks to its lightness, its small size, and the fantastic dust collection.

But if you’re a professional carpenter or you want to elevate your craft to the next level, then you’re going to want to look elsewhere for something a little more powerful. At the price, you can find other products that will give you closer to 3-4 Amps of power but in that case, you will often be sacrificing the lightness or the dust collection to some extent.

In conclusion, this is a great hobbyist sander but not one that’s going to be suitable for pros. Read this if you are looking for the greatest orbit sander.