The SKIL 7492-01 is used for sanding and ultra cleaning of a surface. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, the random orbit sander is also used for cleaning of surfaces, marble and wall decals etc. The random orbital sander is a multi tasking device and hence it is best for domestic use and cleaning of different shelves, floor, walls etc. in your house.


The 4.3 pounds heavy SKIL 5-Inch is manufactured in China yet readily available. .

What makes this product a good choice?

The SKIL 7492-01 is not just a normal sander like others present in market; it is a small, innovative and highly useful piece of machinery. It comes with built in pressure control gadget. The pressure control technology is new adoption to the sanders and makes it one of the most unique and used devices for sanding and cleaning purposes.

The pressure control technology warns the user when excessive pressure is applied and hence it is a very helpful adoption in any sander. Because of this pressure control technology, gadgets and wood being sanded don’t get damaged.

Another feature of this product is the random orbit action for faster stock removal. The orbit sander is not a proper orbital sander but a random sander to add the speed and efficiency of the product. The product comes with pad brake system to make sure about the gouge free finish.

The product also comes with micro filter and transparent canister to remove dust particles easily. The transparent canister makes it easy to understand when to remove it and clean all the dust and therefore ther product can be used for both domestic and commercial uses.

Cons of product

The biggest disadvantage of the SKIL orbital sander is that it is not a professional commercial device and hence cannot be used for heavy uses and professional sanding. Rather, the product can be used for normal sanding for domestic purposes and can be adopted as a sanding and surface cleaning device in homes.The small size of the sander makes it easy to use, however limited in terms of application and hence the device should be chosen according to the need.


The SKIL Amp-5 Inch random orbit sander is a unique, smart, technical and highly useable gadget for small commercial uses and domestic uses. The product can’t be bought for heavy commercial uses due to its limited accountability but it serves best for home purposes. So, if you are looking for a sander for your house, garage or work shop, it’S a valid choice but probably not the best.

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