skil-3410-02The SKIL 3410-02 portable table saw is ideal for people who like to take care of big and small projects around the home. From cutting lumber to build a tree house in the backyard for the children to cutting a lot of wood to build a big fire in the fireplace, this table saw and folding stand has been made for all kinds of odd projects around the home. Therefore, this table saw with folding stand can be used by residential owners, and the small business man alike. Specifically, because this table saw and folding table has been designed with portability in mind. As a result of its capability to transport it easily from place to place, this product can be taken with the buyer to a wide diversity of environments.

This product can also be used by contractors who do work for others. From odd jobs around the home of the people that they work for on a regular basis to completing odd jobs for those who own a small facility and need the work done, this portable saw and table can help to make the jobs easier and much more convenient to perform whenever the contractor is called upon.


To date, this product has received quite a few great reviews from people all over who have purchased it online. Because it has been deemed a great do it yourself solution for various kinds of construction projects around the home and business office, it is one of the best types of equipment for many different purposes at an affordable price. In fact, buyers are saying after the equipment has been set-up with a few adjustments, their ready to start virtually any kind of small or large project that involves cutting and fixing things that need to be repaired with ease. For instance, some people have used this table saw and stand to replace loose wood in their fence, especially those that usually occur due to normal wear and tear.

Are there any downsides to choosing this product?

Though there are many consumers who are pleased with this product, there are others who may not recommend it to others. Specifically, because this equipment was not designed for cutting fine furniture items since it may cause damage if the person is not familiar with repairing these items. Instead, this equipment can be used for various kinds of odd jobs around the home. Some people may not recommend it to others because part of the materials used in its design is flimsy and has broken off in the users hand.


Overall, consumers are saying that this is an excellent product for a wide diversity of needs and purposes. Since this product allows the users to fix things around the home, while also transporting it from one area to the next, this is a great product for do it yourself solutions in the home as well as in a small business.

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