Belt sander

Belt sanders are usually only going to be used in the earlier parts of the woodworking process because belt sanders are usually so rough on the wood. They’re used to remove a lot of the grittier and more uneven parts of the wood, and they will sand and finish the wood in the process. Woodworkers will use these tools, although belt sanders can be used to shape and finish some other materials as well. Belt sanders consist of electric motors, sand paper, and a pair of rotating drums. The electric motors and the sand paper are the most important parts.

Orbit sander

Orbit sanders are also used in woodworking and by the people who work at refinishing wood. They are able to create a much finer finish than they would with a different type of sander. These are sanders that use random orbit action in order to create the sorts of results that people want. Their mechanism involves spinning the sanding disc and simultaneously creating small elliptical motions in the process. Some of them are air-powered and some of them are electrical. The discs are going to be the most important parts here.

Spindle sander

These sorts of sanders are particularly important for the people who are trying to handle some of the larger projects, including cabinet doors and the surfaces of tables. The spindles are the most important parts of these sanders, and they have a way of making the sanders extremely versatile to use. They involve formed and welded steel stands, ball bearings, and spindles. The sanders are large enough that they are capable of handling the bigger projects in the first place, and they are also capable of offering the versatility that woodworkers are going to need if they want to create great projects.