mini-table-saw-rockwell-x2When discussing the all new Blade Runner a lot of people might believe you are discussing the remake of the film which is due in cinemas 2017. Whilst opinion is split upon that remake and if it is a necessity, is there a similar split opinion regarding the Rockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw, which is the all new Blade Runner X2 and has been described by some as the Ultimate Cutting Machine. Like with the film, more information is needed upon it to decide if this is the saw for you. Things like what jobs the saw is ideal for and if it is a good choice or not. Unlike the new film, this information is readily available to be shared and should leave you informed as to whether this is an essential purchase or not.

Who needs this baby?

This new Blade Runner portable saw is a versatile product. It is very easy to set up and simple to use, and can cut through almost anything. It is light and portable also which means can be set up anywhere. If you need a product which you don’t have to leave in one place, and can be taken from job to job with you this is a probably the saw for you. Likewise, if you need it to be versatile in what you are cutting then this saw can handle most things including – Wood, PVC pipe, Ceramic and Aluminium, but each of these have a limit to how thick the item can be to ensure cutting.

Why do you need it?

So, why is this a good choice of saw for versatile use? It’s the ease of use which makes it perfect for everyone from beginners to experts. You don’t have to change the blades to cut through different items. Just line it up and cut away. I’m sure you’re questioning how portable it is? Well, it’s only 15 lbs so can be taken anywhere. It’s full of features which make it simple and easy to use.

Are there Downsides?

Sounds like a dream. A one stop product which will satisfy the majority of your cutting needs. Unfortunately there are downsides to the new Blade Runner X2. Many users find the fact its made of plastic makes it not as robust as cutting machines from the past. Although just as many people say even though it is made of plastic it is still rigid and the plastic just makes it easy to carry around for use everywhere. A negative aspect of it being portable is that it is recommended to bolt it down wherever you use it as it is lightweight and will move about. A big flaw reported is the fact that considering that it’s meant to be portable, there is no cord storage area on the product which can make it awkward and cumbersome to carry the cord along with the saw.


Whilst there are problems with theRockwell RK7323 Blade Runner X2 Portable miniature tablesaw it is seen as a vast improvement in the Blade Runner X2 series of saws by Rockwell. It is perfect for cutting different materials, as you don’t have to know which blade to use, it’s all down to the one superior blade. It’s lightweight, but that does mean it’s plastic and needs bolting down for use. If you’re looking for something simple and versatile this is the saw for you.

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