The WEN 6530 6-Amp electrical hand planer is an important tool to the carpenters. It is a carpentry too that helps the carpenters to perform a perfect fix to the stubborn doors. In addition, it helps a lot in shaping the post edges by slicing away the irregularities until the board surface is aligned. It is a perfect choice to the serious carpenters since it has a highest capability of delivering over 34,000 cuts in one minute in one work piece. It has amazing features that makes it a best choice for many.


Important features of WEN 6530 6 Amp electrical hand planer

  • It comes with a dust bag
  • It is small with a light weight
  • Has the highest rabbeting power
  • It is a handy tool
  • It has a chamfer groove

Wen 65030 is a gorgeous carpentry tool that comes with a dust bag. This is a bag where you can collect all your loose shavings. Your working place needs to be as clean and tidy as possible. The dust bag is attached to the left and right side of the planer for a perfect fill in whatever preference
Moreover, it is small and has a light weight. Many carpenters like something that is light .This make it more efficient and more reliable at any place or time. Its handy nature makes the carpenter to be ready at all times.

It is made in a unique way of making rabbets of up to one inch in terms of size. It also comes with a rabbeting guide that enables the carpenters in making perfect rabbets without any problem. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 16 positive stops that enable the carpenter to decrease or increase the cuts between 0-1/8 inches. This makes it more a luxurious choice among all the Electrical hand planers. With this amazing planer, the carpenter is capable of making right cuts more easily than ever.

It is a best choice to many people since it contains a chamfer groove that creates angled chamfers along the edges of woodworking projects with its adjustable base plate. In addition, it contains a multidirectional dust chute that helps in changing the side of the planer. It also helps in ejecting the loose saw dust and chips. It is an incredible tool that can save a lot of the time.

This handplaner is extremely powerful with a protective kick stand that prevents the unwanted cuts to the work piece. In addition, it helps in eliminating unwanted damages to the planer’s blade by engaging the kick stand. Its sharp blade on the pallet wood helps in creating a nice smooth layer. The old wood looks like new wood.

Downside of Wen 6530 6-Amp electrical hand planer

The only downside with it is front shoe is not centered

Final verdict

In conclusion, it is an amazing machine that makes the woodwork projects easier than ever. Many of the carpenters have bought it and they have a proof that they work like lightening. In addition, it is small but has the highest capability power. It’s simply worth the price.