The Leica D110 60 m laser distance measure is a no frills laser measurement tool, but don’t let that put you off. For the right audience, this is actually all you need! A laser measurement tool does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a device that uses a laser in order to take a very precise measurement that you can then use for making precise cuts, choosing the right sized piece of wood and generally improving the speed and accuracy of your work. It works by firing a small laser which will then bounce directly back to the device. The device knows how quickly this should happen and thus it can use that information to calculate distance.

That means you can forget using your tape measure to make every cut and can instead start working much more quickly and accurately. This means you can say goodbye to tables that rock around when you place any weight on them and instead enjoy a much higher standard of finished product. It can also be useful for interior design, for making floor plans and for a range of professions.

Product Description: Small, Compact and Accurate

The Leica D110 60 m laser distance measure is one of the more affordable options from Leica. Other models have a range of advanced features, even including the ability to use a camera to target particular points on the screen and then zoom in to them to take a measurement that way.
But these features aren’t going to be necessary for DIY hobbyists and the like and in that case, there’s no need to spend over the odds. The Leica D11 60 m laser distance measure is a laser measure and nothing more and is perfect for making quick measurements.

That said, there are also some nice additional features. For instance, you get IP54 dust and water resistance, which will be very handy indeed when you’re leaving it lying around in highly dusty workshops. It’s also shock resistance and will survive a small fall and has Bluetooth for quickly sending your measurements to an iPad or laptop.

On top of all that, it’s also perfectly small to fit into a pocket.
Range is 0.20-60mm and it is accurate up to 1.5mm.

Pros and Cons: Small and Perfectly Forms

This is one of the more affordable laser measures on the market but you’ll still be able to benefit from the recognized Leica brand and the excellent accuracy. This is more than accurate enough for the vast majority of hobbyists and woodworkers and only professional property developers and other industry specialists are really going to need more features.

The flip out extension is also very good and allows you to get a firm grip against a piece of wood or a pillar for example. The small size is also a plus size, as it means you can slip this in a pocket and bring it with you just in case you need to measure something. Yes, you can be ‘that guy’.

But on the downside, you do of course lose out on some of the advanced functionality that you get with more expensive options. IP54 is slightly lesser than the protection you get from some of the others for example. Likewise, the 1.5mm accuracy is a step down from more expensive models like the X310. Then there’s the lack of level (which is missing in all the Leica laser measures). You’re also missing out on some of the sensors that can help to ensure that the device is able to measure at strange angles or around obstructions.

Conclusion: A Pleasure to Measure

In short, this is a smart, compact and accurate measuring device that can greatly improve the quality of your work. It lacks the most advanced features like the screen and isn’t quite as accurate as the top-end offerings but for most people, that isn’t going to be a problem. For a hobbyist or even a casual professional, there isn’t a compelling reason to spend more than this on a device that ultimately does the same thing as a tape measure.
That said, once you’ve used a laser measure, you won’t want to go back!