Quickfix: 2-second solution to worn out trouser buttons!

As a child, my mom would force me to wear all kinds of trashy clothes. She figured that i was still growing and therefore, could wear low quality stuff. Think Jeans which would tear to pieces at every move. Zippers would wear out and emberass me in front of my classmates. Time has passed and i made it a habit to only buy quality jeans like the classic levis 501. I know they’ll fit me and typically last a year if worn daily. The denim is very robust and therefore very suitable to DIY work of all kinds. A couple of months back, i decided to stray from the path and buy a cheap pair of pants again. And yes, it felt comfy, had a button fly (no worn out zipper problems anymore!) and was very affordable. Then, one sad sad day, i had the top button pop out. It looked like this:

worn out jeans button

How to wear such a pair of Jeans without looking like an exhibitionist? I could probably grab a sewing needle to reinforce the worn out edges of the hole to prevent the button from popping out again. But that would take quite a bit of time. Following the toolerant way means to save ressources such as time, energy and money. So i came up with a simple 2-second solution:


Just turn the button around! Sure, the look won’t win a fashion award and it kills me that it actually works – but it really does and that is all that matters. Now i’m a happy camper once again, because i won’t have to throw away a otherwise perfect pair of jeans. Work with what you got, be creative and save ressources. Don’t forget that we only got ONE planet and ONE life.

That’s why it is so important to be toolerant when it comes to lifes small challenges.

Hope you’re having a great time,

PS: Do you have a better idea on how to solve this problem? It’s your turn smartypants! Leave your comment below and make our lifes even more toolerable.[clear]

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