A reciprocating saw is an incredibly useful tool to have around the house. This is a tool that isn’t particularly precise and that doesn’t have much finesse but that makes up for it with sheer versatility. In many ways, this is just as versatile as a hand saw but then adds a lot more power on top of that and gives you something that you can use to cut through pipe, branches, thick pits of wood, sheet metal and more.

And that’s precisely what you will need for a lot of jobs – something that’s ready to go and that can reach into small gaps or be used at odd angles. Perhaps the best way to describe this tool is as being ‘unfussy’. And that’s an incredible advantage for a lot of home improvement and DIY tasks.

But while the tool might not be fussy, you’re still going to have some minimum requirements here and there are still some basic things you need to look for. The question is whether the PORTER CABLE PCC670B is up to the task and whether it can become your new partner in crime for a wide range of household tasks.

Product Description

It must be said that this is a nice looking tool. We’ve reviewed a huge number of tools and I’ve always wondered why they don’t have nicer designs. This is a hobby for a lot of people and that means we want to feel good while we’re at work! Why give us plasticky tools that look cheap and that have ugly, worksite colorschemes. These are powerful, beastly machines… why not make them look like it?

Well this one kind of does. In fact, it looks a little like a prop from the next Ghostbusters film. It’s off to a good start.

The tool is also capable of some fairly decent power to match the beefier design. It has a max speed setting of 3,000SPM and a good stroke length of 1”. Importantly, you also get variable speeds to help you cut through a range of materials, which means it is suitable for use with sheet metal. The tool is also surprisingly small and light, which is great for reaching into smaller spaces. In fact, it is just 14.5” in length, which is perfect for getting into small spots.

As you would expect, the blade exchange is tool free, which means you can quickly and easily swap out the blade to ensure you have the right one for the job.

But the real question is what this tool is like to use. And the answer is that it is really rather nice. The power is impressive in action and you’ll have no problem sawing through branches and through a wide range of piping, metal and thick wood. Of course this still finds itself at the budget end of the spectrum but it feels very good to use and being so light combined with the power means that you’ll have no problem working in a range of different settings.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons here are what you would expect from a mid-range recip saw but with a few more positives than negatives. We really enjoyed using this cordless recip while we reviewed it and especially because it was so light, so relatively powerful and so easy to use. The stroke length is decent too.

But of course the drawback is simply the limitations that are inherent for a tool of this nature. You could get more power if you spent a little more, it would be nice to have a light for instance or a rotating shoe – and you could always get a better stroke length too which would mean your blades lasted longer.

But then you’d pay more. For this budget, this is a great deal.


Overall, the PORTER CABLE PCC670B is a great reciprocating saw. It is rather basic but it offers decent power and decent portability at the same time and it doesn’t cost the Earth. What’s more, is that it sports a really awesome design that looks a lot nicer than most of the other reciprocating saws on the market. That’s not important but it’s certainly more than welcome!