Oregon is the flagship brand for Blount International Inc. The company has earned itself a reputation as a global leader in the chainsaw manufacturing industry since 1947. The brand may not be as well-known as power tool titans like Black and Decker and Makita, but it currently boasts an admirable catalog of hedge trimmers, edgers and – most importantly – chainsaws. The PowerNow, also known as the CS250, offers a number of attractive features that rival those included in many other models.

Buying a CS250 chainsaw may be intimidating to a budget-minded consumer.  Does the value of the PowerNow exceed the price of your initial investment?



Advanced Battery Technology


One of the first notable items on the Oregon CS250’s feature list is the lithium-ion battery. This type of battery utilizes advanced technology that has entered the consumer market rather recently. It is considered a higher performance alternative to the traditional nickel-cadmium batteries used by older chainsaw models. The lithium-ion battery packaged with the PowerNow weighs less than 3 pounds and produces 40 volts without workload. Average charge time takes approximately one hour for the standard battery and two hours for the endurance battery.

Smooth Startup

The CS250 is also equipped with an instant start function. Rather than yanking on a frustrating pull cord or waiting for the unit to warm up, the user simply turns on the chainsaw and gets to work. This eco-friendly model does not produce emissions and eliminates the need to purchase and mix fuel.

The PowerSharp System – automatic chainsaw sharpening!

…makes sure the chain is always ready to work by sharpening the cutting surface on the saw. A lever is included to give the user control of this convenient system. When the lever is activated for three to five seconds, a sharpening mechanism quickly hones each point to create ideal angels and a razor sharp edge.This is good news, since sharpening chainsaw chains can be very time consuming and buying a professional chainsaw chain sharpener adds an additional position to your power tool budget. But this isn’t all: Maintaining sharp chains is of paramount importance when it comes to battery powered chainsaw because it helps conserve battery power. This means you can work longer without having to recharge!

Yep. That’s all i have to say: Order your Oregon PowerNow!

Low Noise

This unit is also much quieter than other models, in most cases generating four times less noise then a gas powered model while in use. No sound is produced between cuts. The chain offers a speed of 2,350 FPM with a pitch of 3/8” to maintain a low profile.

What makes the PowerNow so great ?

The Oregon PowerNow impresses consumers from the start with its easy to manage size. The unit is lightweight compared to other brands like Stihl. This is by far a better choice when working on branch trimming at higher elevations. It’s much easier to climb a ladder with a lighter tool than a bulky one that could pose a dropping or falling hazard. Speaking of safety, the CS250 also offers features that lower the chances of chainsaw injury. The unit remains off when it is not in the process of cutting. That means the user can move between tasks without going through the motions of shutting down and turning on again. Although proper safety precautions should always be taken no matter what model chainsaw is used, the Oregon PowerNow certainly makes it easier to work with safety in mind! The unit is also ideal for a variety of difficulty levels. Thinner branches are trimmed with ease while thicker pieces measuring approximately 6 to 8 inches in diameter are no problem for this chainsaw. Anything over 10 inches will likely call for a heavier duty cutting tool, but most household jobs will not require that type of strength to complete.

Each CS250 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which is another benefit in the eyes of some consumers. This type of battery is designed to maintain its charge over time so power isn’t wasted. They also take a fraction of the time most Ni-Cad (nickel-cadmium) batteries require to fully charge.

The Down Side of the Oregon PowerNow

For the most part, the Oregon PowerNow has proven itself to be well worth it purchase price. There have been very few complaints, although some did experience issues long after introducing this model to their power tool collection. After less than one year, some consumers found that the kickback brake may begin to malfunction if it comes in contact with oil from the chain. The brake lever will no longer pivot and may require servicing from the manufacturer because of the location of the issue.


There have also been complaints about the CS250’s system capabilities in certain situations. The cutting surface works like a charm in ideal conditions. That means a perfectly sharpened chain, good limb positioning and proper tension. However if any one of those elements is slightly off then the unit loses noticeable amounts of cutting power which can significantly prolong the duration of a larger job.

Some consumers felt that the PowerNow chainsaw would serve them better if it came with a power cord to use when an outlet was within reach to save battery life. This does not affect the overall performance of the chainsaw, but is something that consumers should consider when deciding between a cordless and corded model. Try the Makita if you need a corded electric chainsaw. Anyways, a spare battery may be a good solution for anyone who is concerned about losing power halfway through a large project.

Will the Oregon PowerNow Live Up to Your Expectations?

The price of the Oregon PowerNow certainly puts expectations in a high place. The chainsaw has earned favor with most consumers who have used it. The design is comfortable with ideal balance and an ergonomic grip combined with low vibration so the user doesn’t have to stop and rest as often. It also produces many times less noise than gas powered chainsaws, which is good news for those who have neighbors close by. The chain stops when not in use so there is less risk while you work. The built in PowerSharp system is also appealing for those who prefer a low maintenance tool. The CS250 is a great choice for households in need of a reliable chainsaw.

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