Miter saws can help make life easier for DIYers and woodworkers in a vast number of ways. First and foremost, these types of saws allow you to enjoy absolute precision in your cuts and even in your bevel cuts without having half the headache that you would have otherwise. Sure, you can make precise angled cuts with a jigsaw or even a handheld saw if you have a ton of patience and you’re willing to draw a ton of pencil all of your wood and rub it out a thousand times, but with a miter saw, there’s no need to show your working and there’s none of that headache. Instead, you simply place the wood onto the base, angle the saw precisely where you want it and then push it down to cut through the material.

This means that you can focus more on the parts of woodwork you enjoy (because making perfectly angled cuts is probably not it!) and it means that the end result will be something that’s a lot more precise and a lot more attractive.

So a miter saw is a considerable upgrade for your workshop that will fundamentally change the way you work in a very positive way.

The big question though, is what kind of miter saw you need, how much you’re willing to pay and what features you can’t do without. In this review, we’ll take a look at the Milwaukee 6955-20 to see if it is the one for you.

Product Description

This is a 12inch sliding dual bevel miter saw with a digital miter angle fine adjust. What does all that mean? It means it’s got pretty much all the bells and whistles attached. Unlike those bare bones 10” miter saws that don’t slide and only bevel in one direction, this will let you cut through larger pieces of wood, it will let you create bevels at multiple angles and it will save you even more time. The 12 inches of steel cutting through your wood also means you can make deeper cuts and gives you considerably more power and weight to work with.

The design looks impressive too. This is an industrial looking piece of equipment in red, silver and black and it has a weighty construction and good quality feel. 15 amps of power isn’t shockingly high for a 12inch blade but it should suffice for most and combined with the well-made design, it’s enough to cut through most materials you’ll throw at it (note: throwing things at it is not how you use this tool!).

Some nice extra features are also included, which you might expect of a relatively higher-end tool like this. For instance, you get dual ‘job-site lights’ which will help to illuminate the workspace. There’s also an integral dust channel which the manufacturer states will hoover up 75 of all dust for you.

Pros and Cons

The power is quite good here at 3.3HP, the build quality is nice and the size, sliding and bevel options are all good. There’s a sturdy fence too and good capacity. The 9 positive bevel stops are welcome too. So what, if anything, is missing?

Well, the first thing that is a little less than stellar is the position of the handle. This isn’t a big issue and it will also be a matter of opinion. But in our testing, we found that the handle was in a bit of an unusual angle which made it somewhat awkward to use. The vertical capacity could also be a little better and the increment on the bevel scale leaves something to be desired.

There is also a slight omission in the lack of a laser. Now, there’s no hard and fast rule that all miter saws must have a laser and you may find that you personally don’t need one. But we do like to see them and it is something that we felt was missing during our review.


Overall, this is a great miter saw – don’t let our few complaints put you off! Sure, there’s no laser and in a couple of ways the design could be better. But the overall message here is that this offers great power and versatility in a well put-together package!