A reciprocating saw is something that you should always have handy. This is a tool that will adapt itself to pretty much any situation you could need it to and the reason for that is that it is small, light, bendy and surprisingly powerful. You won’t want to use this for making very precise cuts and of course it isn’t quite as powerful as some other tools. But when you need to hack off a branch, or cut through the end of a pipe, or saw the end off a piece of wood without needing to be precise… that’s when the reciprocating saw comes into its own!
A reciprocating saw is essentially a handheld tool that is often cordless and that has a blade sticking out the end. When you squeeze the trigger at the end, the saw will move back and forth in order to cut through whatever you aim it at. But because it’s light, there’s nothing to stop you from fitting it into small gaps or handling it at any kind of awkward angle. And because the blade bends around, you can cut at a range of different angles too.

So that’s the reciprocating saw. What about the Makita XRJ01Z reciprocating saw specifically? What does it bring to the table? Let’s find out.

More about this badboy 😀

The Makita XRJ01Z is a cool looking reciprocating saw in an aqua blue/green colorscheme. It’s particularly nice to look at thanks to its slick design as well, which actually makes it feel almost like a swordfish or a shark of some kind. It just looks mean, slick and powerful.

The tool is also very ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It’s small and light and the handle comes off at an angle which actually makes it particularly well balanced. On top of that, you have a very light device that nevertheless feels like it is well made and isn’t going to fall apart in your hands (which is always nice!). The whole thing weighs just 3.9lbs and is just 15-5/8” long. That’s ideal for fitting into small crevices.

The blade change is tool-less, which is also something that you should always look for. This is important as it means you can just swap out the blade whenever you need a specific one for a specific job.

There’s a variable speed setting here which is good and which allows you to go up to 3,000 strokes per minute – which is plenty. The stroke length is ½”, which isn’t the best in class however.

The lithium ion battery is a very decent performer though and won’t run out of steam any time soon allowing you to work for longer without breaks (that’s a good thing… right?) and there’s even a built-in fan to cool the battery at the time. A 3 year warranty rounds off the package and shows confidence in the device.

Give it to me straight: Pros and Cons!

This is a well made device that looks good, that offers decent RPM and that has variable speed settings. It is light and easy to use from a variety of different angles and all of that makes this a very versatile and welcome tool.

Those are the positives.

So how about the negatives? Well, the first thing to consider here is that the tool is a little bit short on the stroke length. It’s not terrible but it’s also not exceptional by any stretch. That means that the blade is likely to wear out a little quicker and it gives you a bit less versatility when it comes to completing a range of jobs.

There is also no light, which is a shame on a recip saw. Again, this is not a requirement so it would be unfair to hark on. However, a tool this versatile begs to be used in any lighting. There are also no orbital settings, which would have been nice.

What’s left to say?

Overall, this is a great reciprocating saw that does what you would expect it to for the price. Most people just need something basic that can cut through pipes and branches and that’s what this is. If you’re looking for orbital settings and lights though, or if you want a longer stroke length, you may want to keep looking.