I remember marvelling at my granddad’s patience with a piece of sandpaper. He would smoothen up his wooden resting chair with precision; he wouldn’t miss an inch. Now it’s my turn with a sand paper. Would I keep up the tradition or would I move on? I am sure you would suggest I do. Well, I have! Here comes the awesomeness of the spindle sander. A spindle sander is designed to help you smooth all those rough patches of wood that are difficult to reach with any other sander. The curves and detailed edges may sometimes still get the grandpa out of you, but if you desire a better finish in less than half the time and effort, then it is time to go for a spindle sander. Which one? The Jet JBOS Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander has some impressive ratings on Amazon and I think deserves a closer look.

The Reviews are in!

Now if you get to read some of the reviews for this spindle sander, you will fall in love with it immediately. I picked a review by RKM from Houston, Texas. RKM owned a Delta BOSS spindle sander before his purchase of the Jet JBOS, giving him a good base for comparison. We will try and pick a few points to see the performance of the Jet JBOS. RKM talks about the 1 inch spindle on the Jet as a definite point of advantage. The extra length of the spindle ensures that your work piece does not get scratched in any way, which could be a possibility when you are working on smoothing those tight curves. However, RKM pipes in the fact that the Jets tilting table feature virtually renders the extra length useless. I say it is better to be safe than sorry; whatever keeps those scratches away from my work piece is great with me. The benefit of the tilting table is that it enables the Jet JBOS to effectively carry out bevel sanding projects too. This is an added feature which is not available in other tools in this category.

Sheer Power! Get sanding…;)

The other thing that RKM likes about the Jet is its sheer power. The Jet JBOS comes with a powerful 1/2 HP motor which can take care of the toughest sanding tasks with ease. Another feature that RKM comments on is the base of the tool. His Delta BOSS sander had a plastic base with the feet moulded into its base. Though it was protected with non skid rubber, the moulded feet cracked. The all metal base of the Jet JBOS mitigates this danger. The strong base also ensures that the machine is steady. No wobbly legs on this one!

Now to the drawbacks of the tool

The spindle sizes that come with this tool are missing a 3 inch, which is a costly purchase in itself. To change the spindle is quite an easy task, but it does require the use of two wrenches. The dust pick on the tool is also below par. Another thing that the Jet JBOS lacks is a complete storage space for its accessories. It does provide a bit of a space for the spindles and the inserts, but not for the wrenches required for the change of spindles. If you do get an add-on 3 inch spindle, you wouldn’t have a slot for its storage. Tuck it in your pocket perhaps?

Is it a good buy?

In conclusion, I would say that the Jet JBOS does have its share of advantage and drawbacks. However, the machine can do what it is supposed to; it gives the contours on your wood an incredibly smooth finish.

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