Combining portability with performance, the Dewalt 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw is the perfect piece of equipment that can be packaged up and transferred from job to job without slowing you down.The best solution for small or medium jobs, the DW744XRS is a great addition to the arsenal of any builder on the move or homeowner with a large property steady supply of projects requiring a solid saw. Dewalt marks its products as ‘Guaranteed Tough’ and this maneuverable saw serves as an accurate representation of its company motto. A powerful motor and easily adjustable table are contained and supported by heavy-duty casing, aluminum stand and thick wheels that cruise across construction sites like a bulldozer. With the DW744XRS, Dewalt takes the complication out of your sawing jobs and makes basic carpentry much more manageable. Including features designed to increase your productivity and additional attachment parts available for purchase, you can use the rolling 10-inch Dewalt as your primary table saw, or keep it in the truck or shed for when you need to haul it to a jobsite, plug it in, and start slicing.

A folding, rolling powerhouse


As always, Dewalt delivers a very well made piece of equipment with its 10-inch Jobsite Table Saw. Available to purchase, the saw features everything you need to make precision cuts and switch back and forth between sheet plywood, planks and materials of various length and thickness. Whether you’re a contractor or just have a lot of home projects piling up, a portable table saw prevents you from spending thousands and taking up real estate in your workspace with bulky professional equipment. The Dewalt 10-inch saw is manageable for new users of power equipment but also features everything experienced hands look for to get their wood ripping jobs done.

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It rolls, but does it rock?

Like so many other Dewalt products, reviews are overwhelmingly positive for the Dewalt DW744XRS proving once again the company’s penchant for creative tools and machines that consumers need and love to use. Once you take the few simple steps to assemble your new saw, you are basically ready to pop it up, plug it in, and let it rip. For anyone used to the hassle of many power tools and heavy equipment that require numerous attachments, cords, and set-up prior to even pushing power, you will be relieved by the Dewalt Jobsite Saw’s ability to get you up and cutting within seconds. Even on tough and dirty jobsites on in inclement weather, the 10-inch Jobsite saw will perform when and where you need it most.

This saw has many qualities that have users raving about, noting its consistency and precision on their daily sawing projects. The Site-pro modular guarding system allows you to make tool-free adjustments for to suit your different cutting needs. For its compact design and relatively small size for a table saw, the Dewalt 10-inch has a telescoping fence delivering a 24 ½-inch rip capacity. The rack and pinion fence help make adjustments foolproof so when you’re switching out boards and planks your cuts will remain accurate and consistent.

This jobsite saw is tough, sturdy and ready to advance your work!

This jobsite saw is tough, sturdy and ready to advance your work!

Most men who know power tools know that a loud, fast motor usually equates to quality and performance. The Dewalt Jobsite Saw has a 15-amp, high-torque motor spinning its 10-inch blade at over 3,600 RPM that you can be sure makes the whirring sound of power. But you don’t want to just hear its engine kick; you want to pull the trigger and treat the 10-inch blade as an extension of your arm, ripping through wood with precision and ease. Have to cut hard or pressure-treated wood that your makes your average saw fizzle out? Sometimes the tougher the material the more likely your motor is to kick and your blade is to weaken. This 10-inch portable saw has an integrated electronic system that retains a constant blade speed and keeps vibration to a minimum. So if you’ve got a tough project, you can know the Dewalt DW744XRS will power through even the harder woods while maintaining its clean cut and comfort in your hands.

Sacrifice for portability?

You are probably thinking that in exchange for its portability Dewalt took some shortcuts in designing the Jobsite saw. While its no turn of the century cast iron behemoth of a machine, Dewalt took their time to build a solid, rugged product in the 10-inch rolling table. It wont be able to rip overly large, full sheets of plywood, but once you have your partials the saw’s telescoping fence allows the rails to move out to 24 inches and the 10-inch blade can take over and start breezing through the rest of your cuts. The legs of the DW744XRS are made of tough aluminum that stand at a perfect height of 30” when extended and its treaded, heavy-duty wheels can roll over the various terrains of a jobsite, up and down stairs and in and out of trucks.

A few complaints have arisen about the non-replaceable miter gauge that doesn’t feature the same T-shaped slot some other saws. The fact of the matter is that this Dewalt model is not your all-in-one saw capable of numerous, fancy cuts. However, for being a piece of power machinery that you can haul around like a carry-on bag, the Dewalt Jobsite saw is a precise, ripping machine. And it is not without its functionality for the everyday projects you have, featuring a cut depth of 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees and the ability to cut 13/16-inch wide dados, all done atop a large surface table.

Since the saw is portable and contains parts that open up, spread out and extend, there are several crevices that can capture and hide falling sawdust and debris. But the Jobsite Saw has a 2-inch dust collection reservoir and the option to attach a Shop-vac to run during or after your cutting to help cut down on the mess. Being a 15-amp saw, you want to be sure you’re operating on a circuit of at least 15 amps as well. To ensure you won’t trip the power with lots of cuts through thick wood or if you’re running your Shop-vac or other electronics simultaneously with the saw, it’s a good idea to be hooked up to a 20-amp circuit.

“Pro on the go” – a conclusion!

As with any new piece of complicated equipment, it’s always a good idea to read though the instructions before your first use to learn about the different title, length and angle adjustment options. Don’t overestimate the 10-inch Jobsite Saw thinking you can cut hard and fast without affecting the machine’s performance, it is a portable saw and you should recognize its limits. Take your time when feeding and cutting wood and choose a proper blade, knowing that the machine features a reduced speed start-up torque so you can ease into each cut to ensure precision. With that being said, the rolling 10-inch Dewalt is not something to be underestimated either. Like all of their products, Dewalt takes pride in this saw and has a very supportive warranty policy to insure your purchase. Upon purchase you receive a 30-day no risk satisfaction guarantee, 1-year free service contract and 3 year limited warranty; doesn’t that sound better than some cars?

Do you have a deck that needs to be built? A living room that needs new floors or paneling? Are you a cabinetmaker or a contractor? Do you like the idea of taking your tools from jobsite to site without breaking your back or your bank? If your respond affirmatively to any of these questions or if you are considering buying a table saw for the first time, the Dewalt model DW744XRS should be on the top of your consideration list. The Jobsite table saw has everything you need for everyday carpentry and wood working projects, all the proper safety features, a powerful and dynamic motor and upgrades available to extend your load potential. Its portable, sufficiently lightweight and so simple you can practically plug it in and go. So why postpone your “honey-do list” when you can roll in and roll out without a fuss using the Dewalt Jobsite saw?

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