If you use tools with any frequency, you’ve probably broken one or two. I know I have, maybe more than that. You probably know by now most of the advantages of cordless tools like being easy to use and portable. But you also know that they can be expensive, at least the good ones anyway. When I spend my money on a tool I haven’t used before I do a lot of research to make sure it will do the job but just as important, I want to know it will last. That’s what I found in the Dewalt DC970K.

I’m going to let Nelson Kaye, a general contractor, tell you first hand how durable this thing is. He says “We are professional contractors and abuse all of our tools……we own a few of these drills can’t go wrong with this drill includes 2 batteries…I’ve personally dropped this drill 20+ feet and higher and still works also left outside in rain storms…works like new…ran the drills 2years on construction sites…” They should get this guy to do a commercial. Strong stuff. The pros are tough on tools and that’s a pretty good recommendation.

Doesn’t seem likely, but in the event your DC970K does break, Dewalt gives a 3 year warranty on this one and that gives me a little more piece of mind.

What about Extras?

Other than just plain doing the job and getting my money’s worth, I like to have some extras. There’s nothing worse than starting a job and having to stop because the battery runs low. This drill comes with 2 batteries so you always have a back up and they also throw in a pretty nice case. The extras really help when deciding on whether I’m going to part with my money or not.

I expect decent power, a couple of bells and whistles, but I also want all that in as small a package as possible. When I’m working anywhere besides in the house, I usually have all my tools in my tool-belt and the heaviest one is usually my drill. I think my last cordless weighed about 6 lbs and after a few hours you could feel it. You can only get so light when you have an 18V battery, but the DC970K does a lot with a little. It weighs in at just over 5 lbs, so it’s pretty easy to haul around all day and doesn’t tire you out even on long jobs. It’s a pretty small unit over all which makes it easy to use in tight spots with tough angles…your knuckles will thank you.

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