Is it true? Yes, Bamboo! Black and Decker Workbench W425 :)

Lacking a proper worktable for you everyday DIY projects can be a serious offense on the rest of your house or work area. Your spouse would probably rather you not clamp a vice to the dining room table and you probably don’t want to paint a birdhouse on a cooler in your garage or use the hood of your car to hold the shelves you are staining. To alleviate these scenarios, a Black & Decker WM425 Workmate Workbench will serve as a great new surface for your workspace. Ready to be used as a tabletop, workbench, vise or sawhorse the Workmate 425 is strong and sturdy enough to support heftier loads while keeping your more delicate projects secure and precise. Black & Decker designed this workbench to be portable and accessible, lightweight and small enough to move about the garage, and slide in and out of slim storage spaces. With a variety of positions and adjustment options, the Workmate workbench is the perfect surface for your sawing, drilling, clamping, drying, painting and other project needs. Read this review to find out why!

WM45 Work bench

More than just a table

Instead of destroying your hardwood furniture around the house or relying on cheap, scrap plywood for your work surfaces, for a really cheap price you can have a solid and durable workbench made by Black & Decker, known for making quality tools and work supplies for decades. Having a work bench with various clamping and securing capabilities that function well can be like an extra set of hands or two when your working on complicated projects or with awkward or heavy materials. In addition to acting as a suitable substitute to your previously inadequate work surfaces.

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Advantage 1: A Portable Lightweight

People all over are switching over from beautifully stained coffee tables to the hard bamboo wood top of the Black & Decker for their at home work projects. Whether you need a backup surface for drilling holes, a vice to clamp boards for sawing or a table to catch paint spills, the Workmate 425 will help you get the job done (and save precious household surfaces in the process). Do-it-yourselfers can appreciate the 1-handed clamp system and useful vice when your two hands don’t suffice to get the job done. At less than 40 pounds and with slim dimensions, the Black & Decker Workmate can easily be lifted to store on a wall or overhead storage shelf or squeeze into a slim space. It’s also easily transported in and out of doors, truck beds and even in the backseat of an average car. This is crucial, if you are doing contract work. You want to be able to setup your bench and be ready to roll in no time. Some people are afraid that bamboo would isn’t durable enough to withstand a sweaty workday. But this is simply not true, it’s a great top material and it’s low weight makes bamboo a perfect choice for portable workbenches.

Advantage 2: Customize it, baby!


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Able to be used as a multi-purpose workbench or sawhorse with the boards separated, you can also get creative with your Workmate and customize your tool using experience. Many tool owners like to mount pieces of plywood to the base of their saws so they can be easily mounted or clamped into a vice. This workbench gives you the ability to do just that and mount your tools in inverted and customized ways using built-in vice and clamp systems so you can use your tools in the most comfortable and safe. Made with a sturdy steel frame and solid bamboo wood supporting 550 pounds of weight, the Workmate 425 Portable Workbench is a great addition to any workspace.

Are there any drawbacks? Beware of good old nostalgia…!

Many owners of Black & Decker products have been using the company’s award-winning products for decades on end, often without needing to replace them. For this reason, there are some people who still own some of the original Workmate model workbenches that are generations old. It is true that many older American-made products were made of much stronger materials and built to last, and the original Workmates were no exception. Black & Decker, like many leading American manufacturers, has recently taken to more cost effective production and distribution methods, thus opting for the most cost-effective materials for their products. This means the Workmate 425 has a steel frame rather than a more expensive, potentially stronger metal and uses plastic for its clamps and handles.


This is the offical assembly guide for the “bigger” workmates including the WM425 and 825


If you respect your purchase and have everyday household and woodworking projects in mind for use of a new workbench, then the Black & Decker Workmate is a great value and will make a convenient addition to your workspace. It is a workbench, and it is designed to be lightweight and small enough to be portable and thus you should not expect it to perform like a butcher block top workbench. You can pound nails atop it and drill holes into it and it will put up with the abuse, within reasonable means. In the event that one of the plastic parts breaks or falls apart, Black & Decker has a stellar customer service department that are always willing to work with you to solve any problems and will send you replacement parts immediately, no questions asked.


Turn a bench into your work mate: The Final Conclusion

For a bargain price, the Workmate by Black and Decker is likely to become one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment for your projects. Perfect for home garages and workshops and perfectly adequate to serve as a backup or addition to professional jobsites, the Workmate workbench is strong and versatile products that will help you get your projects done. It clamps, it supports, it adjusts, it hangs, it folds, it stands and it will not just fit easily into storage space, but also fit into your everyday routine. Don’t be deterred by the plastic belt slips or clamps, they are designed to perform well and as intended to most projects. If you work with heavy supplies, need to bend materials or apply excessive pressure to your work surface, you may want to consider a more expensive, more industrial workbench. Otherwise, the workmate is surely among the best portable, foldable workbenches money can buy. If you want something you can pick up, move around and use for everyday household projects, the Black and Decker Workmate 425 550-Pound Portable Workbench will get your sawing, painting, drying or drilling projects up and running like an inanimate assistant.

It’s a great workbench for the 21st century and a inexpensive tool for your do it yourself projects!

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