Yep. We all want a real roaring beast to slide through huge monster logs in a matter of minutes. The Husqvarna 450 18-Inch is a new and already bestselling gas chainsaw and one of your best bets if you’re looking to buy a midlevel chainsaw to get some REAL work done!!

Since 1959, Husqvarna has been selling outdoor power tools for household use as well as diamond tools for businesses in the masonry and construction industries. The 450 gas powered chainsaw is one of the newest additions to this decades-old company’s catalog. That amounts to high expectations that could make or break this model. The unit doesn’t come cheaply, either. Anyone who is serious about quality may not bat an eyelash at spending hundreds on a chainsaw. Others may have a tough time justifying the purchase. The old saying goes “you get what you pay for” and that rings true when it comes to high end power tools.

This isn’t your typical electric chainsaw to do some light trimming and pruning around the house!

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Husqvarna 2 Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw Features

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The 450 2 cycle gas powered chainsaw offers a 3.2 horse power output and 15 ounce fuel tank. The unit weighs a little more than 11 pounds without its cutting equipment attached. The chain’s maximum speed tops off at 9,000 RPM with an idling speed of around 2,700 RPM.
The X-Torq engine reduces the amount of exhaust produced while improving overall fuel efficiency. The engine is designed to lower long term costs as well as emissions released by this CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant power tool. This model is also designed to offer you a longer engine life by utilizing a reliable three piece crankshaft and centrifugal air cleaning system which removes debris before it finds its way into the filter.


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Unlike older gas powered chainsaws, Husqvarna’s 450 is less likely to flood during start up. The unit is equipped with a choke/stop control that streamlines job preparation so you can get to work faster. The starter cord is also much easier to pull with as much as 40% less resistance than other models. A unique optimized fuel pump is installed to help keep lines clear during startup.
Maintenance is made easy with a snap lock cylinder cover that offers instant access to vital components, like the spark plugs. The chain can be adjusted and replaced without any extra tools. The filter is also equipped with a quick release mechanism to keep the replacement process as hassle-free as possible.

Each brand new 450 model also includes:

  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Distinct felling marks
  • LowVib system that reduces vibration levels
  • Transparent fuel level indicator
  • Inertia activated chain brake to reduce the risk of kickback
  • Ergonomic rear handle with soft inlay
  • Air purge function that cleans the fuel system and carburetor

The Positive Side of the Husqvarna Gas Powered Chainsaw

Cutting is one thing that any chainsaw should do well. The Husqvarna 450 does exceptionally well in this vital area. Many consumers found that the chainsaw exceeded their expectations when it came to smoothly sawing through thick tree branches and trunks. Even a stump with a nearly 30 inch diameter was no match for this gas powered model. Power is a key component to the overall quality of a chainsaw. The 450 certainly has the kick needed to accomplish any household tasks, even those that are too taxing for lesser models. If you are serious about your lumberwork, you need a serious tool with enough power. This little baby slides through trees like a knife through butter. Working with it makes you feel like the king of the forest.

The 450 also brings convenience to the table. Numerous design elements have gone into ensuring a smooth startup process with this model. Although it requires a traditional pull cord the unit is still very easy to get started. Most of the time it only requires one attempt to get the engine running once the chainsaw is properly primed. Just use your muscles and make this little beast roar!

Sawing can be a dirty job,and it has to be, but the Husqvarna 450 makes sure that the entire process stays as convenient as possible. The unit won’t clean itself but it does offer a design that lets the user quickly wipe off any debris with minimal effort. The snap lock cylinder aids in this process so the user can access basic parts for fast maintenance on the fly.

The Negative Side of the Husqvarna Gas Powered Chainsaw

Well, nothing is perfect so let’s talk about the bad stuff for a minute! But don’t worry…it won’t spoil your purchase 😉

Anyone who purchases a Husqvarna 450 should take a close look at the owner’s manual before attempting to assemble and use it. Some consumers felt that the instructions were not entirely clear and required more effort to decipher. This does not impact the functionality of the chainsaw but could slow down the initial setup process. Some also found that the company’s website was little help when it comes to troubleshooting. A dealer would have to be contacted if any significant problems occur. But to be honest: If you are not able to solve these silly little problems, how would you be able to fell a tree?!


A handful of customers experienced issues with malfunctioning products early on. Some found that the unit wasn’t working as soon as they opened the box while others experienced break downs after a few uses. This isn’t a common issue for most customers.The 450 comes with a two year limited warranty to help cover any manufacturing or performance problems. So don’t whine if it arrives with scratches – just send it back in.

Free Advice: In 2012 consumers noted a startup issue that caused the chainsaw to take multiple attempts to run in some cases. Husqvarna customer support advised that there are known issues with the carburetor adjustments. Prior to return or replacement, consumers should verify that they are using a proper fuel mixture to make sure that this is not causing the startup problem.


The Husqvarna gas powered chainsaw is a dream come true for many consumers. This powerful tool can handle almost any cutting job you throw at it. The design is ergonomic and includes a few appealing characteristics that go a long way in making the unit easy to startup and use. There were a few complaints about defective products, but these were generally rare. Most consumers found that the 450 model offers an excellent value because of its formidable cutting power and convenient layout which provides easy access to primary components. Even seasoned chainsaw users fell in love with this model. As long as it is properly maintained and the correct fuel proportions are used, the Husqvarna will offer many years of smooth wood cutting.

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