An impact driver is a power tool that is a quick and effective drill. Each high-quality impact driver works by delivering plenty of torque. When you turn on an impact driver, you won’t be able to use its impacting mechanism until torque levels build up adequately. When the device builds enough torque, it will be ready to use for a variety of household or commercial repairs.

How does it work?

The type of hardware comes with impacting gears that start working once enough torque is generated. The gears provide extra power which allows handymen and women to quickly and successfully complete tasks that might normally be very time-consuming.

Because this type of power tool contains a hammer which is attached to the motor, it is able to deliver superior force. Every fast, intense strike with an impact driver is fueled by lots of torque, and therefore delivers a lot of force in a very short period of time.

Get Premium Speed, Power and Torque

Typical impact drivers deliver plenty of speed, power and torque. An average model will offer 2,000 bpm (blows-per-minute), or 50 blows per second. RPMs (revolutions per minute) delivered by this type of tool are normally about 2,500. When coupled with approximately 1,000 inch-pounds of torque, these useful power tools become very effective implements. That’s why so many people add impact drivers to their arsenals of power tools, whether they are do-it-yourself enthusiasts or trained repair and construction professionals. Impact drivers work for a range of applications, so they are practical investments that offer excellent value for the money.

Which one to buy?

Like all power tools, impact drivers are available in different styles and power levels, at different price points. Before investing in an impact driver, be sure to check out product reviews for prospective impact driver models online. Once you know how much you need to spend, and how real-life customers feel about impact drivers, you will be ready to decide which model is best for you.
Whether you buy a cheap, mid-range or high-end impact driver is up to you. Obviously, you will always need to pay more for high quality. In general, considering your own needs will be the best way to determine how much you’ll need to spend.

For example, if you will be using your impact driver sporadically, for home repairs and so on, a budget model with a solid reputation for delivering good results should be fine. If you need more power and will be using your impact driver frequently, invest in a mid-range of high-end model. Always look for an impact driver that is manufactured by a trusted company.

Each type of impact driver will have its pros and cons. However, a good impact driver will always be vastly superior to a basic power drill that just doesn’t deliver the same speed, power and torque.

Types of Impact Drivers and their Pros and Cons

Which type works best for your need? In this section, i’m examining the different types of torque drivers to help you make the best buying decision.

Air Impact Drivers

Air impact drivers are air-cooled power tools that offer premium performance. Because the device won’t get too hot, it will continue to deliver excellent benefits, no matter how long you use it for. A popular choice with construction or repair professionals who need impact drivers that deliver the highest standards of quality, air impact drivers often cost a little more than non air-cooled models. However, because they are specially designed to give users access to high-performance over the long term, they do offer a lot of benefits to those who need the very best.

Manual Impact Drivers

… such as the Swench, are hand-operated impact wrenches. Most impact drivers of this type come with spring mechanisms that are loaded by pulling on the handles. Once the spring winds up to a sufficient degree, the machine will “trigger” and a spring-loaded hammer will hit its socket driver.

In particular, Swench manual impact drivers are very suitable for on-site repair and construction, in areas where access to compressors (which deliver big supplies of compressed air) may not be around. A Swench will work a little more slowly than a pneumatic impact wrench, although they serve the same basic purpose. Best for pros who do jobs away from their homes or shops, these types of devices are also practical choices for those who enjoy working on machinery in home-based shops.

This type of impact driver won’t offer the same air-cooled performance as air impact drivers. However, it may be more affordable.

Cordless Impact Drivers

…offer cordless convenience that makes them a pleasure to use. However, because they are cordless, they may be very loud while in usage. If you’re considering investing in a cordless impact driver, you should also consider wearing earplugs of noise-cancelling headphones while you work with your new power tool.

These types of impact drivers are perfect for those who don’t always have access to electrical outlets while they work. However, they are really great for any job, anywhere, because they offer users a full range of mobility, unhindered by the limitations imposed by power cords.

More on the cordless variety can be found here.

Electric impact drivers

…offer great performance. However, they are not cordless devices. If you don’t mind plugging in an impact driver and using it with a power cord, you’ll find that this type of model is a smart choice for a home shop, or for any repairs or builds that are performed in places with running electricity. Of course, you may increase your range of mobility by choosing to add an extension cord to the electrical cord that comes with the product.


Now that you know more about impact drivers, including how they work, the pros and cons of different models, and how they may be used in a variety of work settings, you’ll be ready to decide if adding an impact driver to your power tool collection is really worth your while.

If you’re into construction, repair or machinery, you’ll probably greatly benefit from adding this powerful, torque-driven power tool to your arsenal. The best impact drivers will come with rock-solid warranties. To find a great deal on your next impact driver, be sure to comparison-shop online. You may get great prices on high-quality impact drivers that are purchased via Internet retailers.

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