Few tools have quite the same imposing presence in your workshop that a miter saw does. This is a large, powerful looking tool with a big manoeuvrable head and tons of power and versatility. It instantly transforms the whole look of the room it is in, while at the same time transforming the way that you work. It is all about absolute precision and performance when handheld tools just won’t do the job and it’s a tool that really makes you feel like a pro when you use it.

Miter saws are of course designed to make it easier for you to make cuts at very precise angles. The blade is attached to a swinging arm that pivots left and right and this can then simply be carefully pushed down through any given piece of wood. What’s more, is that it can be tilted in one (or two) directions in order to allow you to make attractive bevel cuts.

The great thing about a good new tool is that it will allow you to make better end products. So is this the case with the Homecraft H26-260L?

Very ergonomic

The Homecraft H26-260L is a miter saw that is definitely at the more budget end of the spectrum. Seeing as miter saws are larger and more precise, you might find yourself worrying a little more about buying them when they’re this lower price. So how does the Homecraft H26-260L pull it off?

Spoilers: it does really well!

The first thing you’ll be struck by is the design. When we were testing the unit we were big fans of the silver and red color scheme and while it is very lightweight, it also feels well made. You’ll have no problem carrying this from one room to another but at the same time, you won’t be terrified of it breaking every time you set down to use it.

The design is also thoughtful and well considered. It will work with nearly all standard miter saw stands (bonus!) and it has handy, customer-centric features like a spindle lock to hold the spindle securely while you remove the blade nut. The handle is also very ergonomic and comfortable to use over longer periods.

Best of all is the laser which is very important and very useful for a tool that is all about

In terms of performance, this is a 10-inch miter saw, so it’s definitely best suited to hobbyist applications, home workshops etc.

The capacity is good, cutting 4×4 and 2×6 at 90 degrees and 2×6 a bevel settings. It has a decent amount of power as well and in our experience it was very easy to work with. We found that in most cases, it easily cut through materials that we expected it to.

The good and the bad

This is a tool that’s a joy to use for the most part. The power is ample for the size and price and the design is thoughtful to make it mostly user-friendly. We found the laser particularly helpful and it generally made us feel comfortable when making cuts – which is exactly what you want from a miter saw.

But it’s not perfect of course. For one, the power and size of the blade means that this is not suitable for professional settings – but you knew that already. A little more alarming, is that the laser is occasionally a little ‘off’ when the device comes out of the package. This is unfortunate, as is the fact that the blade can be a little tricky to change, despite the added features intended to make it easier.

That light weight can also be a bad thing when you’re cutting through something thick and tough and it can result in a fair amount of shaking and vibrating.


Overall, this is a great budget miter saw that does everything you would expect a great budget miter saw to do! There are no standout features here and it’s not suited to professional use. Your mileage may also vary with things like laser precision and blade changes.

But if you’re willing to make those potential compromises, then you should find that the look and feel of this tool largely make up for it. It’s a nicely put together tool and a good introduction to the miter saw!