The Grizzly G0513ANV is a bandsaw that takes up a lot of space, delivers a lot of power and that can generally up your game when it comes to cutting things.As woodworkers, we love cutting things, and so any tool that promises to cut things faster, more effectively or more deeply is always going to be a winner. The Grizzly GO513AN is just such a tool, offering the kind of power and performance that you would demand as a professional working in full time production.

Unfortunately, the price also reflects that somewhat – and is is pretty cutting too! Even for a professional, that’s a serious investment and when you’re spending that amount of cash it’s highly important that you ensure you’re getting a tool that is up to task.

In this review, we’ll be assessing the Grizzly GO513ANV to see if that is the case…

A Heavenly Tool for Experts

The Grizzly GO513ANV is a hefty looking piece of equipment but is also clearly well made with great production values. Right away, you will feel as though you are getting your money’s worth at least in terms of the size and weight of the thing. That weight is pretty good for keeping the unit stable too while you’re working, so you don’t need to worry about it rocking and wobbling around like some other bandsaws are prone to doing. The colorscheme is black and orange which looks nice enough and should blend into most workshops nicely.

There’s a big stable surface for working on here, which should help to make your work considerably easier and give you the easy ability to move pieces around underneath. It’s made from cast iron, so there’s no flimsy plastic to be found. This feels very solid too so you won’t feel considered leaning your weight on it. The blade is also impressive at 17-inch, allowing you to cut nice and deep through very thick woods. With 12 foot cutting capacity and a 16-1/4 inch throat, this will make mincemeat out of most jobs that you task it with.

And on that front, of course it is the 2HP motor that is the real star of the show. This will power through wood and a lot of other materials and in our review period with the tool we found that extra power to be really rather impressive and very useful indeed. The tool has an ISO 9001 factory designation, so you know it can perform.
It’s not all about power though! Fortunately, the Grizzly GO513ANV also delivers in several other regards and has a lot of extra features. There’s the deluxe fence for guiding straight cuts for instance, the micro-adjusting geared table for getting everything aligned just perfectly and the miter gauge. All this makes it very easy to set up the tool just as you want it and to make precise cuts.

There are also two dust ports as well as an easy quick-change mechanism for the blade. You get two blade speeds (1700 and 35000) and a fair bit more as well. In short, this comes with the full roster of features.

Pros and Cons

While this might seem like a lot of money if you aren’t used to buying factory grade equipment, it’s actually very good value for what you’re getting. This is an incredibly powerful, versatile and feature-rich tool and one that will be capable of handling pretty much any task you can dream up.Of course nothing is perfect. While there aren’t too many complaints here, the included saw could have been a little bit better. Likewise, you might need to make some of your own readjustments to get it to perform optimally out the box.


In conclusion, the Grizzly GO513ANV is one of the best value propositions out there if you are looking for a factory-grade bandsaw. It has all the power, functionality and performance that you could expect for the price, it’s very well made, very solid and all-in-all just a fantastic product that won’t see you wrong!

So what do you think about the Grizzly GO513ANV? Will you be adding it to your own arsenal? Let us know in the comments below!