Professionals always want equipment they can rely on to get the job done, and the Dewalt model DCF885C2 20-Volt Impact Driver Kit is one of the best go-to power drill for pros of all workloads. Dewalt has been recognized for years for its tools that attract both workers who require tools that will put up with their workload year round and to your average household buyer who keeps the garage stocked with tools for seasonal fixes. This 20-Volt Impact Driver will act as a suitable addition to any workbench needing a drill that is long lasting, powerful and ready to be put to action drilling holes and driving screws into nearly any material for any project.

The DCF885C2 has an environmentally friendly charging system and is loaded with features that definitely make it fun to use and ready to tackle even the pro jobs. If you’re in construction, contracting, HVAC or any other industry that counts on tough tools for tough jobs, the 20-Volt Dewalt Driver is sure to quickly become you’re favorite power tool without hurting your wallet. Why? Read this Review!

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Ready to rumble!

Features to brag about…

The DCF885C2 is not your average power drill. While it’ll certainly make a great addition to the tool sheds of homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, it’s a must have for pros on the job. This kit is a ready to use system bundled up in the typical heavy-duty plastic Dewalt carrying case. Unlatch the clasps to find your new 1/4-inch impact driver, 30-minute Energy Star rated charging dock, two 20-volt 1.5 amp-hour lithium ion batteries and a heavy-duty belt hook. After a charge you’re ready to start pulling the trigger and drill. But after that the 20-volt Dewalt starts to separate itself from the pack with features that will not only help you on the job, but will leave you smiling and bragging to your friends about your cool new drill.

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Rock’n’Roll – Work like a pro!

While your average power drill’s only mechanical asset is rotation, impact drivers work slightly differently by applying a tapping motion while rotating as to actually apply ‘impact’ and ‘drive’ the screw into its surface. So if you are a pro who needs a powerful tool that can tackle tough materials, having a 20-volt impact driver like the Dewalt DCF885C2 will give you confidence your upcoming work. You may tend to associate more power with more size and bulk, but this Dewalt drill is small and lightweight and packs a powerful punch. With an ergonomic design that is a comfortable fit in your hands, the 20-volt Dewalt driver is able to reach into tight spaces and make those hard to reach screws easier to drill. And whether you are in a tight space, cabinet corner, or just working somewhere without sufficient lighting, the 3 LED feature on this drill is handy feature.

whats in the box?

Whats in the box ?

Pull the trigger and your targeted area will be brightly illuminated without leaving unwanted and view-obscuring shadows and continue to help guide you for 20 seconds after you release the trigger with a built-in time delay. 20-volts and powerful torque prove to be sufficient to handle practically any material you need to drill into with your new Dewalt. Its high-speed, durable motor is capable of delivering rotations up to 43% faster than competitor drills, and if you combine that with over three thousand impacts a minute, you can rest assured this tool will drive through hardwood like butter and drill into concrete and brick as if it were cork. With its strength, speed and compact size, the DCF885C2 is ideal for cabinet makers, HVAC professionals, steel framers, contractors, electricians, roofers and anyone needing any every day drill they can quickly charge, clip on their tool belt, and go.

Does the DCF885C2 disappoint?

The reason this tool is designed for and geared toward professional workers is because the Dewalt brand has always maintained its recognition for dependability, making it a leader in workshops and jobsites around the world. The Dewalt 20-volt impact driver comes with two lithium ion batteries, and while they hold a great charge, allow having a backup on hand, and are backed by Energy Star, they are a little on the heavy side and slightly affect the weight distribution of the drill. However, you are likely a professional used to managing tools way bulkier than the DCF885C2 and, like most users, you will feel satisfied with its ergonomic and slim design that allows for exceptional versatility.

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Built with the serious worker in mind…

Unlike its 18-volt power drill relative, the 20-volt impact driver does not feature an adjustable torque allowing you to switch RPM for either drilling holes or driving screws. However, its likely if you are considering a 20-volt tool you are doing so for its power, and this model is able to perform all of its intended duties with incomparable ease and speed. In fact, the 20-volt Dewalt is also great for effortlessly removing screws without worrying about stripping. This model also only accepts hex-shaped bit tips, but with dozens of brands and adapters available at hardware stores (or already in your toolbox) you can easily find the desired tips to suit your work demands.

Hopefully you are familiar with power drill operations, given they are relatively simple to figure out, but if you are into the technical jargon or have trouble managing a certain feature of the DCF885C2, the poorly laid out instructions included may throw you for a bit of a loop. But if you are like most already satisfied users, you should be able to open the case, charge, and start working without any hassle.

Make an impact -now!

If you’re a professional, or you just want to look like one, the Dewalt 20-Volt Impact Driver Kit will put the power in the palm of your hands to starting driving into your next assignment be it building a barn or disassembling a car. With its rugged belt clip attachment, all you need is a 30-minute charge and your ready to snap it on with the confidence that 20-volts and over 2,000 RPM of power and efficiency are at your fingertips. The value difference separating the DCF885C2 with its less powerful competitors is relatively small when you factor all of the added elements and significant added strength the 20-volt offers.

You won’t be complaining about a lack of torque adjustment when you can skip the step of pre-drilling holes and trust that the impact driving system of your Dewalt drill will drive screws straight into most materials easily. You also won’t be worrying about straining you eyes, missing your target, or losing screws or bits in tight spaces, as the 3 LED function will shed light on your project area and give you a better excuse to work at night or in dark garages and basements. Confident that your new 20-volt impact driver will exceed your job expectations, Dewalt offers a 3-year limited warranty on your purchase in the unlikely chance it disappoints. Compact, powerful and loaded with features that make using a power tool even easier and more fun, the Dewalt model DCF885C2 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion ¼-inch Impact Driver Kit is the go-to drill for the pros.

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