Get organized! Excel Rolling Tool Chest Review

Organizing your garage, shed or workshop and keeping track of your assortment of tools can often be difficult, resulting in tools not being accessible when you need them at the spur of the moment. This can easily be avoided with a proper storage unit for your tool collection, and the Excel 26-inch wide Steel Roller Cabinet is a great option for keeping them properly organized and reachable. If you find yourself filling up toolbox after toolbox, keeping wrenches in kitchen drawers, losing your favorite screwdriver, or otherwise mismanaging your valuable tools, you need a proper storage facility. The Excel model TB2080BBSB is an affordable, well-built cabinet that will make you more efficient with you projects simply by keeping you better organized. The black Excel rolling tool chest is equal parts rugged and stylish, so even if your tools are an eyesore, the storage cabinet will help spruce up and condense your workspace.

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Fits in neatly!
Fits in neatly!

Simple Tool Storage

The Excel 26-inch cabinet has a pretty straightforward design and you will be able to start organizing your tools and accessories upon getting it situated in its new home in your garage or shop. The cabinet in comparison to some of its similar competitors is a good bargain, even if it sounds high. The TB2080BBSB isn’t fully loaded with any hidden compartments, clamps or extra accessories, but your aim is to get organized and make work easier, not add more distractions and knick-knacks. With this product you will get what you pay for – a simple, industrial designed cabinet that will help to optimize your space and working efficiency.

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Does Excel uphold its namesake?

Without doubt, the 26-inch Steel Roller cabinet excels in providing a solid and accessible space for you to store your tools. While many competitor models only offer five drawers, the 7 drawers of varying depth that compose the TB2080BBSB allow ample space for large quantities of tools of different sizes and shapes without getting jammed or overflowing. Are you serious about your tool collection? Additionally, EVA drawer liners and a top mat are included with your Excel cabinet, saving you an additional cost that some other tool cabinets require. The thin mats make all the difference in keeping your tools from sliding and bumping that could potentially result in damage to the drawers or tools themselves. This is pretty neat, especially if you have inherited tools which carry a lot of sentimental value!

Many handymen and workers are accustomed to buying kits or small collections of certain types of tools and storing them separately, often demanding that they have several tool boxes, bags and bins spread out around them all for one job. Having a rolling tool chest like the Excel 26-inch gives you seven drawers allowing you keep your small drill bits, chisels and accessories as well as your power tools, vices and bigger, bulkier equipment designated to their own easily reachable areas in one, all-encompassing unit. The drawers are well built and slide in and out smoothly and fully to see and access your tools in the back reaches of the shelves.

excel rolling tool chest
The tool chest in all it’s glory!

The black powder coat paint finish gives the Excel unit a good look that will fit naturally into whatever area your tools are stored. Should you decide to up your game (tool wise), Excel also makes a 26” chest to accompany the roller cabinet for even more space and organization options for your collection. Tools are valuable commodities and are both a necessity for many professional workers and a source of pride for many at-home fixers, making the lock and key function of the 26-inch Excel an added security bonus. You don’t want your kids to play with potentially dangerous tools, do you? What would your wife think, if your kid would come to her one day, bleeding and screaming?

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Does the cabinet hold problems?

The Excel 26-inch Roller Cabinet is made from cold rolled steel rather than the more expensive aluminum or another metal. While not quite as strong as aluminum, the steel of the Excel cabinet is well built, durable, functional, and costs significantly less than competitors.

TB2080BBSB by Excel
My name is “Excel TB2080BBSB”, at your service!!

Though this cabinet is a strong piece of equipment meant to hold its own among heavy tools and equipment in work and project spaces, it does contain moving parts meaning it needs to be treated with care to ensure prolonged use. Ball bearings can be a problem in whatever machine they are used for, but with proper treatment and occasional lubrication and maintenance, the seven drawers of the Excel cabinet will give you smooth, continual access to your tools.

Start getting organized!

When it comes to buying tools, buyers can be very particular and hold the products to very high standards given they want something that will perform on a daily basis without question. So if you demand the best from your tools and are willing to pay the price for their performance, why would you bring them home just to scatter them about your garage, shed or workshop?! Having an organized work area is essential to completing your projects with the most efficiency because being organized will save you time. Broken plumbing, falling shelves and faulty appliances are problems you don’t want to wait around to see get worse. You don’t have time to dig through a hodgepodge of toolboxes, crammed drawers, shelves and pegs on a wall. The Excel 26-inch Steel Roller Cabinet gives you plenty of space spread across 7 drawers that will condense your workspace and keep your tools in a secure location where you know you will find them anytime a project arises. A tight package at an affordable price, the Excel model TB2080BBSB tool cabinet is a surefire way to turn your dark, cluttered project space into a stylized, well-arranged area of efficiency.

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