When you take on a project, you want your angles to be accurate so that the final product looks polished. There are no prizes for guesswork, especially when you plan to make a masterpiece. This tool helps you measure your angles to the letter. It measure angles and gives the results in degrees. This one has an inbuilt protractor, so you that you get two tools for one. Perfect for woodworkers who with an eye for detail!

Pros of this Digital T-Bevel

  • Small and Compact
    It is small and handy. You can comfortably slide it in your back pocket without calling attention to yourself. With its size, your working is also made easy because you can easily move it to the next bench. You do not need a special bag to carry it.
  • Quite Easy To Use
    This sliding bevel gauge has a straightforward design that makes it quite easy to use. It has four buttons; the power button, zero button which locks it in place as you get ready to use it, the home button, and the flip button to help you look at the measurements on the screen from whatever angle. The readings from your digital angle gauge show on the screen and they take in the changes to reflect whatever angle you choose.
  • Handy Display
    The results of your measurements are displayed on the screen as you work. The lettering is large enough to read from a distance. You can reset the readings if you want to start afresh with a simple punch of the zero button. One of the buttons shows you the reverse of your measurement so that a simple press tells you the difference between your preferred size and the overall angle.

  • Ideal Price
    This tool is priced right, in an industry where carpentry tools cost an arm and a leg.
    For the features you get, this price is quite right.


The bevel is made of plastic, although the manufacturer clearly states that it is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which is impact resistant. From a distance, it looks like steel. You would need to be careful when handling it, being sure not to drop it too many time, which would tamper with its accuracy.

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