In the world of electronic tools, there are so many categories to choose from that some people would just give up before they even start. It may either be big or small, new or used, rent or purchase, and so on and so forth. But to the rest of us who have the patience to think a lot of these choices through, there is a question that must be answered. And this question will, almost always, apply to mechanical equipment…gasoline powered or electric. There are always two sides to a coin, advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, a good side and a not so desirable side. But whichever side you choose, it always boils down to what you need the specific equipment for.

A chainsaw is every boys dream and every guy’s toy. Come on, come clean…I know that somehow, one time or another in your childhood or even in your prime, you have dreamt about felling a tree with the use of a chainsaw. Timber!!! I know that a lot of you, as you read this article, would have said the word “timber” out loud when you read it twenty – four words ago. Imagine yourself, standing in the middle of woodland with all these trees surrounding you and you have nothing else in your possession but a chainsaw in your hands. The awesome power and feeling to have yielded such a tool in your bare hands would have been unbearable. With this tool, you can unleash your artistic side to carve out the smallest branch to the largest lumber.

Chainsaws have not changed over the years. Yes, it is true that there have been revisions to the model of the chainsaw. One such revision would be to its sheer size. When it was first manufactured, it was impossible to move around as it weighed more than one man can carry. In fact, a crane was needed to lift and move the mechanism about so that it can do its job. But then again, little has changed with the parts of a chainsaw. There is still a type of motor; whether it is a petrol engine or electric engine; depending on the manufacturer, a drive mechanism which consisted of a sprocket and a clutch, a guide bar, and of course, the crème de la crème, the cutting chain.

electric powered chain saw

Now here comes the difficult decision that must be made by the wielder of such an awesome mechanical tool. We have already talked about how difficult it was for a lot of people to decide with so many choices in the market. But does it have to be difficult, can there not be another way to easily choose what we really need. The answer lies in all of us. We must ask the right questions in order to end up with the right tool. The most important of all these questions would be this, “What are we going to use the chainsaw for?”

Differences between conventional and electric chainsaws

There is a difference between a gas powered chainsaw and an electric chainsaw, that is definite, but what? Let us start from the basics. A petrol or gasoline powered chainsaw has in its system a petrol engine as compared to its electric counterpart which has; you guessed it right, an electric engine. Another main difference is that the electric ehainsaw has an electrical cord connected to the machine. The electric chainsaw also has a smaller cutter bar than its gasoline powered counterpart. These are the physical differences between a gasoline powered chainsaw and an electric chainsaw.

If you would want to hear a loud roaring engine, if you want to wield a very heavy machine, if you want to fell huge oaks, if you want to wait a bit before the engine heats up for you to refuel it, and if you want to have a bigger risk in using a machine this powerful then I suggest you stick with a petrol or gasoline powered chainsaw. I am not trying to make you steer clear of this awesome machine. I am just citing the obvious advantages and disadvantages of the said machine. A petrol powered chainsaw has a loud engine, it needs more maintenance and when it heats up you would need to cool it down before refuelling it, it runs the biggest risk when a kickback happens, but it does the job done when you want to shout the proverbial line “TIMBER” as you run your chainsaw through a large log like a hot knife through butter. I know that somewhere along all those information you caught the word kickback. This only depicts the situation wherein a gasoline churning chainsaw, or electric chainsaw, during use, would suddenly hit something very solid that it “kicks back” the chainsaw and creates recoil from the device. Now, if you were very feeble when this happened then your next stop would be the emergency room.

On a different note, when you use an electric chainsaw there are some slight changes. It is safer for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that it is electric therefore the power output is much less than the double cylinder engine a gasoline powered chainsaw can spew out. This in turn will make sure that if a kickback does happen; it will not produce as hard recoil as with a petrol powered chainsaw. Another is its obvious limitation to its use. Since the machine; and in effect, you; is bound to the wall socket, using it outdoors will be a bit challenging. If you have an extension wire for your electrical cable then that is a plus for you but if you do not, then you are bound by an average of a 100 – foot wire. With this being said, an Electric chainsaw is not ideal for felling huge logs. A great use for Electric chainsaws is for home owners in suburban areas and even urban areas. It is quiet as its motor does not need to eat gasoline every time it is used. Main uses for the electric chainsaw are for everyday home garden and trimming necessities.

So, if you are not doing anything professionally like logging and stuff like that then you had better make up your mind fast and stick with the safe, quiet, space saving, easily manipulated, and Eco – Friendly Electric chainsaw.

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