dremel-osciallating-toolThe Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max is a versatile tool that can work well for the professional or the do-it-yourself home improvement individual. It can perform many tasks with its powerful motor and is ideal for use for cutting, grinding, sanding, grout removal and scraping. It has many different accessory options and attachments to help the user get nearly any type of job done at the home or work site.

The Dremel MM 40-05 Multi-Max is ideal because it has the highest performance level in it’s class. It is capable of performing at 3.8 amps for many different applications. The accessories are easy to change and the unit can be used one-handed to free up the other hand for other uses. The speed is controllable by a switch that is easy to reach while in use. It also has a separate on/off switch. This tool is powered by electricity and runs on a standard household outlet.

One of the main drawbacks of the Dremel MM 40-05 is the fact that it only takes Dremel attachments. This means it may prove difficult to find the exact accessory one wants at an affordable price. The on/off switch is also somewhat difficult to manipulate while it’s in use. Also, the Dremel Multi-Max cannot be used as a router like some similar models because it oscillates rather than spins.

Overall, this is a great tool for professionals and those who enjoy doing projects around the home. It is powerful enough to complete many jobs and can easily accommodate many different cutting heads and attachments from Dremel. It would make a great addition to anyone’s toolbox. But do not take my word for it. See what others are are saying…