DIY gone Mad: Micro-Apartments are the future!

„Pack your bags. Get out! We’ve got no place for you!“ It’s not easy living in a popular city, if you are poor. Rent is skyrocketing, and real estate prices are out of this world. I have often wondered, if any REAL person is actually able to afford a decent rental. Average Rent in the U.S. is $1,231 per month – and sometimes it can go up to 4000 USD! But what are the alternatives? Move to nowhere land? With no job prospects whatsoever? You gotta be clever. You have to really be toolerant and make the best of your situation. DIY is the game if you want to stay on top of the urban foodchain.

Today i want to show you a perfect example of how to model reality to your liking.

The Seattle Micro Apartment!

Meet Steve Sauer, an engineer from Seattle. Ten years ago, he was looking to find a suitable storage space, but fell in love with a dream instead. In the sutterain of an apartment building, he discovered a small 182 square feet space and had the idea to transform it into a pico-dwelling – a very very small living space. Being someone who likes to push the envelope, Sauer started scetching the design for his new home. He used the high ceiling to his advantage and stacked living space upon living space. Watch the Video below and prepare to be amazed!

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His tiny home includes:

  • A main living area complete with foldable table to entertain guests
  • A reading lounge just next to the window
  • Two beds, one guestbed above the shower
  • A DIY bathroom made from IKEA parts
  • A soaking tub which doubles as a storage area
  • A cozy Chillout Area complete with Flatscreen TV

While he did not have the need to scale down, many people in seattle do have to consider moving.

Living – The Toolerant way!

Sauers micro apartment provides everyone with a blueprint on how to be more toolerant. He had a dream and he just made it come true. He accepted help but did a lot himself. Quality was important to him. It needed to be robust. Well thought out. But the most important fact: His main drive was to overcome limitations. If you are on the toolerant path, you’ll already feel this energy to master your world, to be creative. The refusal to accept limitations, is the key to self-efficacy and a happy life. Sure, some of you might say „Meh, i can do that too!“. Alright, but would you take the risk if you KNEW you’d break building codes and regulations? That’s exactly what sauer did. He just ignored the law and asked for forgiveness afterwards. This „Take no prisoners“ attitude is what made this project successful. What does that teach us? It teaches us, that we need to play our own game, regardless of fears, doubts and anxieties. This is the only way toolerable.

If you’ve got a DIY project of your own you’re putting off – don’t. Start today. Even a small step will push you into the right direction.

Just be toolerant!

PS: Would you enjoy living in such a small space? Why, why not? Write me a comment, let’s discuss this![clear]

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