The DeWalt DW716 12 inch Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw. DeWalt is known for making high-quality construction tools at an affordable price. When it comes down to it, power tools are expensive. Simply, you get what you pay for. While DeWalt tends to be on the expensive end of affordable. Tools made by DeWalt are well worth every penny.

The right fit for you?

dewalt-dw716-sawThe DeWalt DW716 Miter Saw is mostly used by contractors or other construction workers who tend to cut a lot of framing. Such as frames for windows, or trim in different rooms, baseboards or crown molding. Not only for framing but molding, cross cutting, and any other type of miter work that may need to be done. The compound miter saw is great for building rooms in houses or other buildings. A miter saw is greatly used in woodworking and furniture building. This double bevel miter saw is best used for cutting lumber at sharp angles, such as 45-degree angles or 90 degree right angles. The double bevel compound miter saw means it is a compoundsaw. In layman’s term, you can push the piece of wood through or cut downwards on it in a slicing motion.

Main Advantages

  • The DW716 is an excellent choice for contractors and for people doing this type of work because of the accuracy and versatility of the saw. As mentioned, a compound saw can cut wood or lumber in different directions by pushing the wood into the blade to be cut or slicing the blade down through the wood. A miter saw cuts all sort of different angles perfectly. Thecam lock miter handle is easy to adjust allowing you to make all the exact cuts you need too. Truly, this is the perfect saw for making small or large cuts to perfection at any angle and any degree.
  • The DeWalt DW716 makes quick and accurate bevel cuts to the right or to the left. A great bonus of a double bevel compound miter saw. You don’t even have to move the wood to make another exact cut. You can flip the saw around to do all the cutting you need. The tall fence supports molding placed vertically and horizontally against the fence. It easily slides out of the way when needed.
  • An additional bonusis the lightweight and portability which makes the DW716 even better. It weighs only 44 pounds and easy to stow away when your work is done for the day. The carry handle makes it easy to move from place to place. This way you can go where needed, not having to transport all the materials to a particular station. It’s also compatible with the DeWalt laser system, ensuring the most accurate cuts possible by giving you a clear path to see.
  • The DW716 is not a slider due to the inaccuracy that they seem to provide. One of the downsides of havingthe DW716 is that they are not beingmade anymore with a LED light attachment. If you do any type of precision woodworking such as trim, cabinets, or wooden furniture, a LED light is a necessity. It’s confusing as to why they were being made with the attachment but are not anymore.

My Verdict

My overall conclusion with the DeWalt DW716 is that is an amazing double bevel compound miter saw. The saw and blades are excellent. The majority of verified customers are simply in awe over the accuracy and precision that they get when using the DW716. If you need a high-quality miter saw, the DW716 is definitely worth checking out.