Are you a Do it yourself kinda guy? The thought of getting down to refurbishing your house, peeling off all that old paint making way for the new, polishing all those hardwood floors to a sheen, and doing it all yourself is a glorious rush of adrenaline for sure. And then you get down on your knee with a sanding paper in your hand you scrape … scrape … scrape … The rush die out a bit? OK we aren’t in the medieval times you know. Get onto your computer and check out the DEWALT D26451K Random Orbit Sander. Feel any better? Well, you should because that is exactly what the DEWALT D26451K is made to do, to ease your sanding job and make you feel a whole lot better.

Whether it is your wooden flooring that needs sanding or your walls that need the old paint to be peeled out, the DEWALT D26451K can do it all for you. Now we all know why sanding is such a challenging task, it can consume a lot of your time and energy, not to mention all that dust getting into your lungs – a night mare indeed! The DEWALT D26451K promises to put your these worries to rest. May be a closer look at this tool will confirm those claims.

In a gist…

…it is a fully loaded tool with a 3 Amp motor which operates at 12000 opm and caters to your need for speed while bringing your tasks to a smooth finish. It is quite a good tool for professionals as well as those who like to potter around the sanding needs of their home themselves. The top section of the tool has a textured finish which gives you a good grip while you are at your sanding task. The dust bag comes with an inbuilt vacuum adapter which ensures maximum dust collection.

What do others say?

DEWALT D26451K orbit sander
I found a very interesting review about this product on Amazon. It was from Daniel J. Parlagreco from Millersville, USA. I particularly liked this review because, while giving this tool a rating of 5 out of 5, he does mention the potential drawbacks of this tool. I thought to myself ‘Now here is good bloke who is obviously pleased with the tool and is objective enough to look into its potential drawbacks too.’ That set off the techie in me and I started to analyse and scrutinize what Mr. Daniel had to say. He starts his review with a brief but glowing commendation. Then he gets down to the dirt.

Take Daniels Words with a grain of salt…

The first complaint that Daniel brings out, is that the dust collector on his tool tore at the point where the cloth meets the hard plastic base of the dust collection bag. This is definitely a point of concern, but Daniel admits that he is not clear on when this happened. In his review, he talks about sanding every inch of a 3000 square foot house, and using the sander for 30 hours a week. Now if you are good at Math – I am not – you can imagine how much dust that much sanding would accumulate. The more the dust, the more number of times he would have had to clean the dust bag, and the more frequently the dust bag would have rubbed against the plastic base.

Obviously that much friction would have caused a tear. Throw the poor machine a bone! (This is idiomatic; I will not answer for the damage if taken literally!) The tool will perform up to your expectations as long as your expectation does not cross its limitations.

Daniel also felt that the dust collector is too small. For an undertaking as large as that of Daniel’s, the dust collector might not have been sufficient. If you do have such a huge task in hand, I would suggest that you make use of the inbuilt vacuum hose and connect it to a vacuum cleaner which will hold more dust.

Is Daniel plain stupid or what?

After examining the review put up by Daniel, I could not see a particular fault in the machine’s performance. There may be occasions however, where you may expect more from it than it can do – That’s human nature for you. “With great power comes great responsibility (or expectations)”? Forgive me the misquote Uncle Ben! I recommend the DEWALT D26451K – capiche?

…but does it hold up against it’s strongest competitor?