A piece of wood and an odd shape to cut out of it can be one hell of a task. I tried cutting out a hole in a block of wood for one of my school projects many years ago. All I got for my efforts was a couple of bloody fingers and a shape that closely resembled some continent in some world (I’m positively sure). That took me more than one tool and more than a couple of hours. You may not be as green as I was to the trade, but you would agree that cutting out an odd shape perfectly right is still a challenge. A bandsaw is a boon in this regards. It serves very well when you have to cut several boards at one go or when you have to cut those curves and circles and other irregular shapes. The bandsaw uses a slim blade that runs in a constant loop. Its regularly spaced teeth ensure even cutting.

One of the bandsaws that caught my attention was the BS900 9-inch Band Saw by Powertech. This is top ranking in its category and definitely worth checking out. Amazon reviews are what I resort to for all my tool driven queries. Thus I found myself checking out a post by a Thomas Ryans, a guitar and violin maker (how cool is that!). Earlier, he would use a jigsaw and a coping saw to make his cuts, which was slow work no doubt. From his review, it is obvious that he is pretty happy with his purchase of the Powertech BS900.

Why Thomas enjoys his purchase…

Apart from the size and strong build of the tool, Thomas likes the blade tracking and alignment system of the Powertech BS900. Though this system is not unique to this tool, Powertech has implemented it to perfection, which evidently means a better cutting experience. Thomas was also able to setup the machine by himself. Now this can be attributed to three things: (1) the machine is not heavy (2) the design is pretty simple but excellent (3) the setup manual is informative and clear as crystal. Though Thomas does not elaborate on the technical aspects of the tool, he does mention that he had no problem cutting through wood of a thickness of 3-4″.
Another review, by a James Baugman, sums up the capabilities of the Powertech BS900 bandsaw really well.

He recommends that it should only be used for small projects, keeping to the purpose for which it was made. The Powertech BS900 band saw may work fine for a maximum cut of about 2-3 inch cut. Anything above that or a harder wood may cause the blade to wobble. If your requirements are higher, then I suggest you get a more powerful saw.

Sweet, sweet features…

All said and done, there are many other features in the Powertech BS900 bandsaw that makes it a really good tool for small projects. It has many easy to use features, like the patented blade guard adjustment systems by which changing blades is made really easy. The rack and pinion adjustment system, which can go up to 45 degrees makes tilting incredibly easy. The tool is comparatively silent compared to other bandsaws. Gives you a few more days of good hearing, it does! The Powertech BS900 bandsaw has a few safety features which I think are awesome, like the keyed switch which ensures that the machine doesn’t start off accidentally. It also comes with a blade tracking window; so you do not lose sight of the blade while working.

In conclusion…

…my opinion is that the Powertech BS900 bandsaw is worth the money and a good saw for beginners. Though not made for heavy work it does take care of small tasks pretty well. For a more detailed review and comparison, click here to learn what’s the best bandsaw for the money!