Bostitich F21PL is a collated framing nailer that has the capability of converting the tool to framing or to a metal connector application in a few seconds. This is an amazing tool that is used by the contractors. It is the best choice for the raftsman and contractors too. This is because of its incredible features. It features the 16 indicator layout indicator that helps in achieving the correct distance between two studs in a few seconds without the use of a tape measure interruption. The following are its amazing features:

  • Important features of Bostitch F21PL
  • It has an extraordinary design
  • It has a light weight
  • It has a panted push button
  • Delivers excellent results
  • Has the ability of using a round headed nails
  • It is made from quality materials


Bostitich F21PL Round head is a tool that contains an extraordinary design that can drive the framing nails in any length. This is achieved by its interchangeable tip for driving the metal connector nail into the hurricane ties and joist hanger hard wares. With the F21PL, you can benefit a lot since it is a two in one tool with a framer that is competitive.

Many constructors like a tool that is light. This is among the reason why this F21PL is the best choice for them. The magnesium material and the bodied gun that can hold 60, 21 degrees on its round head makes it light. In addition, it has weight of 8.1 ponds that is more effective for it to be carried to whatever place that the contractor is going.

Moreover, its panted push button has an adjustable button guide that sets the nail in the desired depth. It is an incredible tool that allows one to change the nail depth with a simple switch button. Furthermore, its adjustable rafter hook allows that contractor to hand tool on the rafters and joists.
People like a machine that provides excellent results. The Bostitch is one of the tool that delivers perfect results.Itn has a capability of delivering 1,050 in. /lb. that results to the best power. This is facilitated by its best power/weight ratio when it is compared to its competitors. Its best results also can be as a result of its unique construction material of Naligum and magnesium

It has the ability of using the round headed nails. Not all the nailers can do as it does. This is very important when the constructors are building codes in states that do not allow the clipped headed nails.Moreover,it provides the structured integrity.Bostitich F 21PL is the best for large jobs in the construction sites because it is easy to use and it is productive too. Its usefulness extends up to the DIY homeowner crowd.

F21PL is made from strong magnesium materials that make it more durable. The quality control tests ensure that the product is good for purchasing. It can also work when out of the box for a life time.

Final verdict

This is a light weight framing nailer that offers a powerful punch. In addition, it is of a sleek finish. It is amazing since it is more versatile to different nail types and lengths.

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