A jigsaw is a tool that you will find nearly no end of uses for. Like all the best tools in your workshop, this is something that you will want to reach for on many occasions for both precise and careful work, as well as more ‘rough and ready’ work that involves just slicing ends off or making little changes.

What’s amazing about the jigsaw really, is just what a huge difference a small design change makes. This is essentially a reciprocating saw but with a nice flat shoe added on the end. What that means, is that you can then lean against the surface that you’re cutting, thereby stabilizing the tool and giving yourself hugely more control and precision while you’re working.

This then means that you can use a jigsaw for a vast range of tasks, including plunging holes, cutting intricate shapes (jigsawing) and even doing fancy things like bevelling if your tool comes with the feature.

This is a tool that everyone should have in their workshop, but how does the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C stack up?

Too basic?

This is a nice and round looking jigsaw. That might be a strange description but as soon as you see it, you’ll understand. The handle protrudes from the top in an arch, with a trigger nicely located toward the front. You then have the show along the bottom and a few additional controls in various other points. It’s a nice looking tool all things considered and while it doesn’t look premium, it certainly looks nicely put together and appealing to look at and use. Looks-wise then, this tool is off to a good start! It feels sturdy too, like it won’t fall apart if you drop it and it is very comfortable to hold, all good things!

When you dive in a little deeper, you’ll find that this tool goes a little beyond the bare minimum and actually offers a fair amount of features and options for something so affordable. Power and speed wise, you have a 5 amp motor here, which can generate up to 3,000SPM of cutting power. That’s pretty middle of the road but what’s more impressive is all the additional features thrown in. These include orbital settings (called ‘curve control’ here) to help you rip through tougher materials when you need to, the option to make bevel cuts with actually quite a few angles to adjust to and speed settings too.

All that means you’re getting pretty much everything you could want from your jigsaw, despite it all being somewhat basic. In our review period, we tried using just this jigsaw for a while and what we found, was that it was perfectly adequate and actually was up to most of what we could throw at it.

Of course if you want more serious power, then you’ll want something a bit more expensive but otherwise, this has got a lot going for it!

What are the Pros? What are the Cons?

The most impressive features regarding this jigsaw are definitely the things it didn’t have to do. Power is middling and that’s to be expected but getting the orbital settings, bevel option and even speed adjustment is all very nice and means that you can perform most jobs with just this one, relatively affordable tool.

On the downside though, this is a corded device and that means you’re going to be stuck in one place while working – somewhere near a power outlet. This won’t be an issue for most people who work in a home workshop, however it does means the cord can get in the way while you’re trying to work. If there’s one reason to upgrade from this at a later date, that would be it.


All things considered, this is one of the most versatile, powerful and well-made jigsaws you’re likely to get for this money. It’s not the most powerful tool in the world, not the most premium in terms of build quality… but if you’re looking for something that will handle any job you throw at it, that will give you all the more interesting and useful features that you would get with a more expensive model and that will be reliable; this is it!