Are you looking for a lightweight, cordless chainsaw which is very ergonomic and easy to handle – even for men and women in their “silver years” ?

Since 1910, Black and Decker has been producing a wide range of functional consumer products. The CCS818 cordless chainsaw is yet another practical tool under this tremendously popular company’s belt. The typical chainsaw must be portable and capable of producing the cutting power required to handle thick tree trunks and branches. There’s nothing worse than trying to hack through a project only to find that your tool is not up to the task. Not all models are created equal, which means every consumer should review the product’s capabilities before deciding to make a purchase. Black and Decker has seen tremendous success in the power tool industry, but will the company’s CCS818 live up to your expectations?

The short answer: Yes. Why? Just continue reading this review…

Black and Decker CCS818 Cordless Chainsaw Features

CCS818 by black and decker

The CCS818 ready for action!

The CCS818 chainsaw offers 18 volts of battery power. Consumers should note that cordless models are the weakest version of this power tool, so generous voltage should not be expected when browsing different makes and models. Don’t worry, it may be weak but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. The beauty of the cordless design lies in its convenience. There’s no need to find a power source to plug in to while using the chainsaw and you never have to contend with a knotted cord – so it’s a win-win if you’re looking for a casual household saw. Contractors and lumberjacks should look elsewhere for their chopping needs.




Black and Decker specifies that the CCS818 can handle:

  • Hard and soft woods
  • Pruning and fallen branch removal
  • Trunks and branches up to 8 inches in diameter
  • Up to 150 cuts measuring 1.5 inches in diameter per battery charge

This model is also designed for comfort. The wrap around handle provides adequate gripping space to hold the tool in place without straining arms or losing control of the blade. The saw remains in the correct position every time you grab the handle. This is further protected by a grip pad that softens the surface to avoid callouses and discomfort. If you have handled a chainsaw before, you know that a good, ergonomic design pays off. Your hands will feel great after working with this tool 🙂 The unit is also lightweight, weighing in at 6.2 pounds so it can be used for longer periods before your muscles tell you it’s time to take a break. This really helps you to finish the job. Think about it this way: Would you pickup a heavy gas powered chainsaw to do your pruning? Probably not. Buying a lightweight chainsaw has the advantage of motivating you to actually DO the job, because you know that you won’t over-exert yourself!

The CCS818 also makes general tool maintenance as simple as possible. An on board hex wrench is included along with an oil gauge window that allows you to quickly see fluid levels. It just sucks to run out of oil in the middle of work – the oil gauge window prevents that and keeps you workin’.Safety features like the lock off switch can reduce the chances of a mishap. This is certainly important as we all know the bloody horror stories of children accidently using these powerful saws 🙁

whats included?

Here is the complete package…

Each new unit comes with its own guide bar scabbard to keep the blade in good condition when the saw is not in use. Nothing is worse than deciding to work in the garden just to find that your chainsaw got all rusty. This model is also packaged with a nickel-cadmium battery, 8”cutting bar, two year full warranty and requires replacement chain model number RC8000. I think it is very important to know that spare parts are available. You don’t want to spend money on a no-name saw you can’t fix up after years of heavy use. The warranty ensures, that you don’t have to worry about the chain saw breaking down after a short while. Afterall, offering a long warranty is also a great incentive for companies to make great, durable products.

The Benefits of the CCS818: The best ergonomic chainsaw!

Black and Decker’s CCS818 really shines when it comes to user comfort. Consumers with physical limitations or medical conditions like arthritis will be pleased to find that this model is very easy to handle. It takes the push of a button to start the motor and the unit is quite light by chainsaw standards. Many happy customers also found that the CCS818 was nice to touch and view in person. Looks aren’t everything, but they can make the experience a little more pleasant!

This model is also recognized for its surprisingly good torque. Consumers who were accustomed to gas powered chainsaws were impressed to find that the CCS818 gave those previous models a good run for their money. The tool has a lot of get up and go which means a tedious household job can be completed in less time. Many also appreciated the fact that they no longer have to store fume-producing gas cans around their home thanks to the electric battery power source. This doesn’t only make the wife happy, but also keeps you from inhaling toxic chemicals. Yeah, i know you can probably handle it and a bit dizziness is nothing – but why push it if you can rock your garden with a lightweight, electric chainsaw ?

The Downside of the CCS818

Black and Decker packed the CCS818 with a number of attractive features and benefits, but there were also a few areas that were overlooked. Anyone working through a more involved household project should consider picking up a spare 18 volt battery. The one included works, but may fall short on longer projects. Battery life was the most common complaint, especially because of the many hours required to recharge the battery after it has been drained. The difficulty of the job can also impact the longevity of each charge, with some claiming that theirs only offered 30 minutes of use before dying. Many consumers found that a pair of batteries works best. One can charge while the other is in use so there’s always a power source ready to go. This isn’t really a problem. Buying a spare battery is good practice for ANY kind of electronic tool or gadget. For instance – would you really buy only one pair of rechargable batteries for your video camera?

Tip: Recharge your batteries while you work, to have the new one ready when you need it!

Another problem lies in the cutting surface. Some consumers noted that the chain seemed to stretch out quicker than other chainsaw models, especially those that are gas powered. The user should perform periodic tension checks to make sure that the chainsaw stays ready for action!

New customers should be aware that the chainsaw arrives in pieces. The blade must be assembled and some found that this may require the assistance of a second person. Anyone who has never used a chainsaw before should read through the manual and do their homework before attempting to put the tool together. But if you are able to handle a chainsaw, you can assemble a chainsaw. BTW, it comes in pieces to help you save on shipping, so there is no reason to complain!

Conclusion: Is the Black & Decker CCS818 a Good Chainsaw for You?

The CCS818 has proven its worth as a lightweight work tool. This product is not intended for professional use. It’s comfortable design and low weight build makes it a great first time chainsaw as well as a tool for anyone who has trouble lifting objects over 8 or 9 pounds. We’re all not getting younger, but there is NO REASON TO STOP WORKING IN THE GARDEN!

If you expect the chainsaw to do overtime, then plan on purchasing a spare battery as well. The unit’s operational capabilities vary dramatically from one task to the next, with some jobs cutting battery life down significantly. As long as you have a fallback power source ready to go, then you can get a lot of cutting time out of this model. The manageable size and handful of convenient extras make it a great addition to your shed or garage at home. It is one of the best lightweight electric chainsaws.

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(+Full disclosure: Link leads to amazon, a vendor i personally trust. They offer really good prices and highly value customer service! I’ve dealt with them many times and they were always very friendly and fast to help 🙂 )