I’m not a professional lumberjack. Or gardener for that matter. But sometimes I’ve got a tree that just has to be taken care of. But I’m not going to pay someone else to do my dirty work, I’m going to take care of it myself and I need it to be easy. The Makita is one seriously easy to use chainsaw. Just ask Renee Klawiter, international tree assassin:

“Just plug it in, pull the trigger, and start cutting.”

Ruthless. But easy! When that tree just has to go down, even a rookie can wreak Makita mayhem. All you need us an outlet and the guts to handle 14 inches of raw, 15 amp power. That’s it.

    • No tendon-tearing, thumb-blistering ropes to pull. “Just plug it in…”
  • No loading up with gas and oil. Just “…pull the trigger…”
  • No mercy. Just “… start cutting.”

Man. I’d hate be be a tree in that lady’s backyard. She makes it sound so easy.

But it gets even more serious…

The automatic chain oiler means you won’t have to stop and reload, I mean, re-oil to keep cutting. You can just keep mowing those trees down. The Makita UC3530A cutting machine even has Soft Start so they’ll never hear you coming. Is that easy enough? Ask W Brent Mathewson about how really serious a tool this is. Mr. Mathewson has a rip sheet as long as your arm and leaves a sappy pile of severed limbs wherever he goes. He was once quoted as saying “…a very serious chainsaw that will stay with or surpass any gas powered model in its class.” Gives me shivers.”

Yea. Pretty serious stuff…

But it gets easier. It’s no surprise that this chainsaw has rubber grips and a large trigger switch just like the .357 Magnum Pistol. With great power you’ll need great comfort and control. It’s not easy to just cut down a tree when you’re standing right there in front of it, so comfort and ease of handling are important. Helps steady your nerves so you don’t cut down some innocent sapling.

But Makita isn’t just about raw, stump-stopping force. They also know that there’s someone behind the chainsaw just making things right and sometimes those “someones” just go into a firewood frenzy, cutting and slicing and shredding and they let things get out of hand. So Makita gives you One-touch tool-less adjustments for when you just don’t have time to stop and check the damage. But they don’t stop there. They know that when you get in the zone, all you want to do is cut. Cut till there’s not a single tree left standing and you couldn’t stack one more piece of firewood if your life depended on it. And when it gets like that, it gets hot, so they built in a current limiter so your chainsaw, and you, don’t overload.
If you think you can handle it, read more here.

If you need more info about electric chainsaws in general, this resource is for you. Another great electric chainsaw is the oregon powernow as it is self sharpening! If you are unsure about chainsaws in general, find out which one is “the best“.

ATTENTION: No trees were hurt writing this article. Proceed with caution and always think twice about cutting down a tree. They take a whole lot of time to grow back. Except pines, they rock!