What do you call someone who is in love with tools? A toolie (like foodie)? Or a tool junkie perhaps? That is some food for thought. Whatever the word may be – I’m it! And my new love is the bandsaw. It is an absolute must have tool for wood workers. Be you a professional, a novice or a DIY kinda guy, a bandsaw is an absolute necessity in your repertoire. I recently watched a video that featured the Jet JWBS-10OS 10-Inch Band Saw.

The video is basically in the form of a user review and the user, a professional wood worker, seems to love it. Don’t believe everything you see? Then, you must check out real user reviews like I do. Here is some useful information that I gathered from Amazon Reviews on this tool.

Some Basic Info…

We will get down to the specifications and features of this tool, but before that, let us do what we resolved. A good place to start is a review posted by Jason C. Norman from Nashville, US. He introduces himself as an amateur woodworker who is using this tool for small and medium projects. This is exactly what this tool is made for; to help you work around wood that is smaller and thinner. Jason also talks about the table being sturdy and well constructed. Now this is a good thing, I’m sure you would agree. The table is made of cast-iron and has a dimension of 13 3 /8 x 13 1/8 inch; hence the sturdiness. That isn’t all. A retractable extension wing support means that you have an extra large table that can provide additional support to your work piece.

Features: Track Adjustments made easy

Jason thinks that the fence on the Jet JWBS is adequate, and that a dial for tracking adjustments makes it much easier to adjust the tracking on the saw. While other saws may need you to get a wrench out to get the tracking adjustments right, the dial on the Jet JWBS requires you to just turn a dial. The provision of knobs to assist with different adjustments are a definite plus point, says Jason. This also good from a safety perspective, as the knobs are ergonomically designed and give you more control over the adjustments.

Change your Blades easily!

Now these were some of the attributes that Jason brought out. It’s time to voice my opinion too. Me thinks this is a perfect tool, especially for a beginner. The saw is designed to be easy to work with. Features like the LED work light and a quick release tension system makes changing blades easy-peasy. It also can be tilted up to a 45 degree angle; so you can work at different angles as per your comfort. The safety features also include the blade sight window to give you a clear sight of your cutting area and the blade position.

How does it compare?

In addition, when I compare this band saw to the PowertecBS900 (which is top ranking in the band saw category) I do not see any glaring dissimilarities that could make the Jet JWBS an inferior tool. So for me, I would definitely go for a Jet JWBS; you miss out on nothing. A great tool with a reasonable price tag.