What makes the classic Workbench WM425 special?

Have you read The Workbench Book by Scott Landis? Not a bedtime read definitely, but quite fascinating if you are someone who loves woodwork. As enthusiastic as I am about the book, I knew it was way above me to begin crafting a workbench for myself. Even if I did attempt it, I would definitely need a workbench to begin working on the workbench! But reading the book gave me a good insight on what are the requirements to a good workbench, which would direct my buy. I usually like working in the garden or in my closeted office studio, as my mood directs me, which would make a portable bench an ideal choice. I found a solution to my situation in the WM425 Portable Workbench from Black & Decker. As always, I thought of having a closer look at what it is actually made of, equipped with my newfound knowledge of workbenches.

Reasons to buy the WM425

Ryan from Durham, NC USA, had quite a bit of useful information to share in his review of the said workbench. Ryan gives us four reasons to buy the WM425. The first of which is, stability.

  • The WM425 has a heavyweight steel design which means that it has enough meat in it to keep the Workbench in place. According to B&D, it can securely hold up to 550 pounds. Apart from this, it is based on the original workmate design. This means it has angled feet which adds to stability when compared to workbenches with the X-frame design. According to Ryan, the adjustable height is another feature that makes this product worth a buy. The height of the table is around 29 inches. The height can be adjusted and the WM425 can be used at two different heights. A simple folding structure helps you to either fold the spider like legs of the WM425 or just leave it as it is.
  • The frame of the WM425 has another set of rubber feet which ensures that your Workmate is secured at whichever height you are using it. Most of the other models that come with X-frame do not have this feature.
  • The third reason why Ryan would recommend WM425 is the worktop. The worktop is made of real wood, bamboo plywood. This is very solid and tough. Most of the other model uses medium density fibreboard, which may contribute to making the workbench lighter, but it amounts to a compromise on the quality. Fibreboards can be easily damaged and scratched and you may not find a suitable replacement. The WM425 wood top means that you have a strong top to work on which will last you for a longer period and which can be easily replaced with another wood top if the need arises.
  • The fourth and the final reason, according to Ryan, that makes this tool viable is that its front vise jaws can be flipped to 90 degrees and can be used for vertical clamping. While most other models do not have such a feature, the WM425 makes vertical clamping easier. Like any other product in the market, the WM425 has its critics as well. However, as we know it is difficult in this world to please all and get a perfect tool without draw backs.

In conclusion..

….i think WM425 is a workbench that serves the purpose just right. You always have the option of improvising once you figure out what you want to do with it.


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