Using a jobsite table saw = The Safe Choice!

DEWALT DW744XRS 10-inch Job Site Table Saw with Rolling Stand
About 10 years ago, when I was a little more spry and a little more dumb, I took on a job that took me the whole month of July because I did it by myself. I decided I could close in my carport and add a bedroom to the house. I eventually finished it but it would have gone much faster if I had taken a little time to find the right tools. I really wish I’d had something like the Dewalt DW744XRS.

It’s kind of like of like a tool that does house calls. This saw was designed to go where you need it. Not just light-weight and portable, but designed to go. As in, it has wheels. It only weighs 58 lbs anyway, but with the rolling stand, it puts the handy in handyman. Even if you’re not a pro, if you rolled this thing onto the job, you would look like one.

Features and Performance

It’s got just about everything a great table saw should have, from a rip fence to a large table area so you won’t be sacrificing any performance. It’s got the right height for safe, continuous work and it’s even got electronic feedback to keep the blade spinning at the right speed. I know what I’ve got in my workshop doesn’t have any kind of feedback!

A rolling table saw sounds pretty good, I know, but I bet you’re probably thinking you could just set up some saw horses and some plywood and just use the saw you have. I’ve done it myself. But let me tell you what else I’ve done. I was working on some wood replacement high up on a house and I was almost finished but I wasn’t quite able to reach it. My ladder was extended as far as it would go, but all I wanted to do was get the job done. So I grabbed my sawhorses and some plywood and set my ladder up on that to get the extra height. It almost worked too. I still have the scar on my back from when the sawhorse gave way. So take some advice from this tale…use the right tool for the right job. If you want a truly portable table saw, get one that was made for the job.

Throw in the added convenience, on-board storage and the dust collection port for your Shop Vac, and that regular table saw isn’t looking so good. And it doesn’t have wheels. But is it tough? I’ll let a pro tell you. Douglas Construction uses the Dewalt DW744XRS on site and they know their tools.

“As a contractor I have 2 of these saws that get plenty of use and abuse. They are used outdoors a lot and sometimes get rained on and don’t skip a beat (we don’t operate them in the rain).

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