Tool Box Organizer – An Essential!

A Story of my past

When I was younger, around 18 years ago, I used to come to my grandfather’s house every Sunday and play around the front yard. One day he pulled me, my brother, and my cousins aside and led us to his work shed. It was then when I, with my eyes wide open and my mouth agape, was introduced to the world of manual tools and power tools. As I entered the door to his work shed, in front of me was a huge wooden table where hammers of different sizes and clamps where affixed. On the wall opposite the door was a huge screen of about 4 feet in height and 6 feet in length where tools hung. On my right was a table with the power tools. Hand held saws, drills, other clamps, and other power tools where all arranged in such a way that one could go from one tool to another. It was like, you could have had a block of wood and after working your way through all the tools, you could have had a sculpture at the end. I was in awe on how everything was at its right place in the tool box organizer. All the tools where in arms reach and there was never, in all that chaos, a tool out of site. Balanced Chaos was a good adjective for what I saw that day. From then on, I was hooked! I spent a few hours every Sunday, tinkering with the tools available. My father used to teach me how to use a certain apparatus every Sunday. I can even boast that I was a natural during my 6th grade carpentry class.

Today, as I look back on those days, I can honestly say that I miss them. I rarely visit my grandfather’s house and when I do, I never miss a trip to the old work shed. But the years have taken its toll on the shed and all that’s left are rusty, unused tools and decaying work benches. I feel sad because I know that all those tools were not bought at once, I knew that the collection became what it was after years of saving and purchasing the tools little by little. I then think to myself that there must have been something I could have done to save the tools. I know that wood would be hard to save since it is prone to decay, especially if father time has not been nice to it. But the tools, I could have done something for the tools. But I was a kid then and it was a long time since I have had a chance to visit my grandfather’s house again. When I did, it was already too late.

But did I really have the chance to save those tools? Was there a way to preserve the quality of those instruments? Now that I am all grown up, I know I could have done a lot of things to those gizmos. Tool maintenance is one thing. A tool is the same as any other object that you or I have purchased. Taking care of them and maintaining them is the only way to increase its life span. A daily or weekly clean up would have taken care of the grime that would eventually eat up the tools. Another thing that could have been done was to protect the instruments from the harsh elements. Air, moisture, or extremes in temperature are just some of the things that may harm your tools. The answer was simple…Tool box organizers!

An organizer is a great way to protect your hard earned tools from dust and grime.

It is a way to keep your instruments consolidated in such a way that they are categorized from one type of tool to another. There are so many types of organizers to choose from. They way to choose which type is for you is to see how much tools you have and to foresee if you are going to purchase more tools in the future.
First of all, what are the different types of Tool box organizers? There is a myriad of choices to choose from. The Tool box organizers differ from the number of tiers they offer, the size that they come in, or in the way that they are presented (if they come with wheels or not). Look at your tool collection if it is too large or too little? Are you contented with the number of tools that you have? Are you looking to add more? These are just some basic questions that might help you decide on what type of organizer you are going to purchase.

As an example, in my house we have a few tools here and there. Just enough to have some equipment to fix house related appliance problems. Therefore, what I have in my house is an attaché type tool box organizer to have my handful of tools organized. If you are a grease monkey and you tinker around with your car a lot then you might want a three tier to a four tier organizer with wheels. That way you can just pull your organizer wherever you may please, with so much ease. These types of organizers are otherwise known as mobile tool storage. There are also organizers that have two or three or even four drawers. These are hand held tool containers that helps you carry your tools around.

Tool box organizers come in different shapes and sizes. Our tools also come in different shapes and sizes. What we can do to preserve our investments is to having a proactive attitude and to actively protect them so that they will not be wasted. On a final note, I find that tools are important to use and to pass on to our children as they teach them the value of worth. And with this value, they find importance in life and in investments that even the littlest things can have the most value.