The impact Driver: A weird, silly tool ?

If you aren’t quite sure what, exactly, an impact driver is, don’t be embarrassed. I’ve used a lot of tools for a lot of years and I wasn’t exactly sure how to explain it myself! Put simply, its kind of like you are screwing in a big screw and your buddy is whacking the back of the drill for extra force. In addition, the rpms are way higher so it spins faster than a regular drill. It’s like a regular cordless on steroids. Got it? Lesson over.

Do you really need an impact driver?

The real question should be why DON’T you need one. Aside from fine, detailed work like with brass screws, an impact driver makes everything from household chores to installing cabinets easier. No more having to bear down and throw your body weight into it to back out that rusty bolt. An impact drill is truly doing the work, not you. The Dewalt DCF885C2 (click for a Toolerant review) not only makes the work easier, it’s just easy to use.

I remember many times around the house when I was using a drill and had to change bits. It slowed the job down and was kind of a hassle. Even after they started making keyless chucks, it still took a bit of time to change them out. This drill took it a step further and has one-handed loading and that’s about as fast as you’re going to get changing bits.


3,200 impacts per minute and 1,400 inch-pounds of max torque. That’s the power you get in this thing! You don’t even have to know exactly what all that means, just know that it means POWER! And this is a small drill in size and weight but it controls that power really well with a balanced design. Swisslady56 put it simply: “…with the battery in it neither leans forward nor back, and the 20v power is something to behold.”

That’s pretty high praise and it’s dead on.

Tons of torque, plenty of power and easy to use. Who could ask for anything more? You could. One of the coolest things about the DCF885C2 is a great feature that has nothing to do with actual drilling. Most of us do some work either in the attic or in the crawlspace or both. You make sure you take everything you think you’ll need and that almost always includes a flashlight. It’s tough trying to work a drill and hold the light so you can see what you’re doing, so Dewalt thought they would help out by putting lights in the drill that shine directly on where you’re working! Genius. A drill and flashlight all in one. The three very bright led lights stay on for 20 seconds after you release the trigger so you can admire your handy-work.

You really have to see this thing in action to appreciate it. So link on over here to see what all the fuss is about. Hope that answered the question! If not, read this, and this.